The combination of the Koch Brothers and hundreds of conservative donors spending almost one billion dollars in the 2016 Election demands a new challenge from American Liberals!

The Democratic Party’s huge losses in the 2014 election is solid  proof that Americans have lost faith in this party. The growing numbers of Independent voters is another warning that the Democratic party has lost its appeal. Independent voters now outnumber Democrats or Republicans in many states. Democrats always depended on large turnouts in elections to win. The 2014 election had the lowest turnout since 1942 which was in the midst of World War II.

Poll after poll show that the voters do not like either party, and hunger for a party that will represent the people again. The more money spent on elections, the more the voters realize that our government is for sale to the highest bidder. With all the hoopla about the size of the government, the people understand that it is not the size of the government, but the size of the bribery now rampant in our corrupted government that is wrong. A population of over 300 million citizens needs a large government. The Republicans’ yapping about the “size of the government” is a disguise for their real agenda, which is to reduce the laws that protect us from fraud, unsafe food, unsafe air and water, unsafe chemicals, and of course from growing Climate Change.

For decades the Republican party has represented rich corporations and rich individuals, who hate paying taxes. These rich donors have succeeded in bribing our so called representatives into injecting  numerous loopholes into our taxing system so they can escape paying their rightful share of taxes. These wealthy donors have also  succeeded in cutting the funding of the IRS so they are becoming less able to collect taxes from the rich. And the bribes from the rich have silenced both parties from stopping the huge flow of unpaid tax money to tax haven countries. There are trillions of dollars being hidden from the IRS in foreign banks that should have been taxed!

This unpatriotic behavior by rich corporations and rich individuals has resulted in hurting our people in many ways. When a bridge collapses and kills people, this is because we have failed to maintain our infrastructure. We need almost 3.5 trillion dollars to fix our bridges, roads, school buildings, and other parts of our infrastructure that the rich corporations use, but fail to support by tax dodging.

Tax dodging has cheated millions of school children in our public schools, as the cuts in funding for public schools has impacted their quality of education. Teachers are being fired because of lack of tax dollars. The higher the student/teacher ratio the more challenging to your children’s education. The rich are also trying to privatize our schools so they can make more money and spend less on our children’s educations. The curriculums of schools is also being threatened by the rich who have an agenda of different beliefs they want to brain wash into the minds of our children.

Our national debt is publicized as 17+ trillion dollars, but our unpublished liabilities dwarf this number. We are deep in debt because we have overspent on wars and other expensive so called security programs.

I say “so called” because the war profiteering corporations have used fear to sell the public that we must kill others to be secure. Actually, killing people with drones and wars is not producing security, but quite the opposite, At least one US General admitted that killing is actually producing more and more hatred toward our nation. Our nation’s population is only 5% of the world’s population! Why are we fighting wars around the world for the other 95%. Why are our tax dollars being spent maintaining over 1,000 military bases around the world. Do you think the people in these nations like the bases on their soil? Would you like a Russian military base on the soil in Kansas? I think not.

Why are we meddling in the elections in nations around the world? History reveals that our meddling has severely hurt the citizens in the nations that we have meddled. We have wasted our tax dollars and hurt others with our flawed foreign policies, by depriving their people of their rights to free elections.

Time and again we have defended corrupt governments against the so called insurgents, militants, revolutionists, terrorists. These labels were once attached to a group of Americans who sought freedom from England. These labels were tossed around about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and all of  the other people who got us our freedom from English control. If our present government were on an island in 1776,  they would certainly have joined England in opposition to those “ revolutionaries like George Washington”. In fact, George would have been dodging drone bombs if they have been invented then.

The bottom line here is that our electoral process is being overrun by money from tax dodgers and both parties are betraying the public by allowing campaign funds to blind their eyes from the needs of our people.

If want to stop this race toward a permanent fascist government, we the citizens must quickly build a third party that will represent our needs, and vote out both bribed parties in 2016. We must start now. Time is not on our side.

Labor parties in other nations have won the majorities of seats in their parliaments as their voters have sought different representation. Australians enjoy a $16 + Minimum Wage which increases each year because their Labour Party passed this law. There are 14 million union members in the USA  who could help build a party that would stop outsourcing of our jobs. There are 8 million members of who need to be urging Elizabeth Warren to run for President as a leader of a new American Labor Party, not as a presidential candidate for a Democratic Party that can not give her the majority of seats in Congress. She would be stymied by a bribed Congress who represents the rich, instead of leading a dynamic new American Labor Party that would represent the 99% and appeal to the majority of voters.

We can fix our broken government. We must all join in this effort to protect our Democracy from Fascism. For more information about building a Labor Party, you may visit my website

Howard M. Greenebaum is a published author and an international newspaper columnist.