– and the solutions.

Students work hard in schools and universities, graduate, and then are unable to get employment- except at very low wages. This is happening in many nations, including the USA. The largest segment of unemployment is in the ages of 18- 29 year old youths, all around the world.

ISIS and other fanatical groups have developed slick recruiting programs that appeal to troubled youths. Frequently these programs attack western economies as immoral and describe their proposed economies as moral. They promise prosperity to down trodden youths. Unfortunately, their methods involve violence and wars to challenge western nations. The ISIS groups try to draw western nations into wars to raise their creditability. In simple terms, they say, “ Our god is better than your god (and then proceed to kill people).”

The accusations against Western capitalism should not be ignored. Today’s’ capitalism is quite different from capitalism of a few decades ago. The salaries of CEOs of many US corporations are far higher than in other western nations. Inequality is rampant in many nations, including the USA, so this accusation must be confronted and acted upon. Inequality in America is growing to historical dangerous heights. Our Middle class is under attack by so called trade agreements that only benefit large corporations.

American trade unions are under attack by governors of the majority of states. These attacks are promoted by conservative organizations, many of which are tied to the right wing Koch brothers, who have created many organizations with good names that disguise their bad behavior. The Koch brothers are in allegiance with other right wing corporations who are amassing close to one billion dollars to win both state and federal elections in 2016.  Their resources may amount to more than either major political party and is a direct threat to America’s Democracy. The complicity of the US Supreme Court’s recent decisions to allow unregulated amounts of money to be spent in US elections must be addressed and reversed, if  Americans wish to retain their Democracy.

American unions were responsible for many laws that protected workers. They provided collective bargaining for wages, benefits, and safety. If unions continue to be weakened, the greed of ruthless corporations will negatively affect the whole structure that produced the Middle Class in America. Wages will fall. More and more jobs will be outsourced to poor nations. And poverty will grow to astonishing levels. And our youths will be the most affected by these bad changes. America will become de-industrialized, with an absence of livable wages. Our economy will crash, because it always depended on consumerism. The rush to lower wages by selfish CEOs will destroy the US economy.

Capitalism without compassion for workers is the formula for gross failure. In the past, Democrats supported workers and their unions. Unfortunately, now, both political parties are awash in millions of dollars “donated” by rich corporations and rich individuals. This money has corrupted both parties. Democrats and Republicans cater to their donors. The American people have lost their representation. The federal Minimum Wage has remained at $ 7.25 per hour for over 6 years. This is proof that both parties are in bed with their corporate donors.

Rich individuals and rich corporations have succeeded in hiding trillions of dollars in foreign tax havens. Their bribes of our so called representatives have allowed this rampant tax dodging. Our infrastructure needs $3.4 trillion worth of maintenance. Our public schools need more funding. This tax dodging is wrecking our country!

Unlimited funding for more and more wars is also tearing down our financial system. Once more our so called representatives have voted for this funding, because they receive huge donations from our war profiteering defense industry. Our tax dollars are being directed away from our needs.

Our youths are facing larger and larger debts to finance their college educations. As the costs of higher education rise, the access to college will fall.

The graduates, with huge debts, will then be facing lower wages because of the selfishness of our rich. Less wages and more debt will create desperation for our youths. They will be ideal candidates for slick recruiting by ISIS and other dangerous organizations.

All of the above negative happenings can be avoided, if we, the citizens, learn that the common denominator for these threats to our Democracy come from corruption in our state and federal governments. And that this corruption can only be stopped by our voting out both corrupt political parties.

In the 1980s Canadians voted out both of their major political parties. Poll after poll indicate that Americans do not like either political party. The voter registrations in many states reveal that more people are registering as Unaffiliated/ Independent than registering in either party. The turnout of voters in the 2014 election was the lowest turnout since 1942 when we were engaged in World War II. Poor turnouts clearly indicate that Democrats have lost their faith in the Democratic Party.

The solution to this mess is that we all must help build a new political party that will represent us.  Many nations have Labour Parties that represent the workers. Most of us are workers. We need our jobs protected from outsourcing. We need better wages. We need to throw the lobbyists out of the halls of our state and federal governments. We need to build an American Labor Party that will protect us. The Australian Labour Party built a national Minimum Wage that increases each year. Today their Minimum Wage is over $ 16 per hour. Several nations in the world provide their citizens with Free health care. Some nations provide their student with Free education through college  and through Graduate schools. Poor students in these countries can become doctors, who save lives, in contrast to America where poor students end up joining the Military and destroying lives.

The question that may win the 2016 election for an American Labor Party is,

“Do we want a government of killing, or a government of caring?” A Labor Party will direct Defense money to care for our students, our poor, our disabled, our elderly, and our unemployed.

My web site explains more about how we can win the 2016 elections with an American Labor Party. Visit www.BoldThoughts.org

Howard M. Greenebaum is an author and international newspaper columnist with solutionsMr. Greenebaum lives in Oregon, where voters are allowed to vote by mail, rather than by Republican-manufactured voting machines. Howard encourages you to vote safely – with a postage stamp!

 Photo credit: CNN.com