They are inviting the warmongering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to our Congress, and applaud Netanyahu’s threat to attack Iran – fully aware that such an attack would draw our country into a deadly war against Iran!

And then, for 47 Republican Senators to sign a letter that seriously threatens our efforts to stop the Iranians from building a nuclear bomb is smacking of Treason. Treason is defined when an action threatens the safety of our citizens. Getting us into a war that can be prevented is certainly criminal, and will cause deaths to our people.  Several other nations have joined our efforts to negotiate with Iran and these efforts could be wasted, by the ruthless actions of the Republican Party.

Americans must be made aware that a war with Iran will not be like the cake walk war against Iraq. First, such a war will easily spread to other nations in the Middle East, including Pakistan. We have been carelessly dropping bombs from drones on Pakistan citizens for quite a long time now. These bombs are mostly killing Pakistani civilians. Recent studies have found that our claims of killing certain terrorist leaders have been found greatly exaggerated. Bombing 41 “targets” has actually resulted in the killing of 1,147 civilians mistaken over and over again as the “targets.”  A leader of Al Qaeda is still alive although 76 children and 29 adults have been killed by our bombs in faulty efforts to assassinate the leader.

Pakistan has a very unstable government, and cannot be relied upon to remain out of any action against Iran. Certainly, our continuing to drop bombs on their people is not producing good will towards us. And, Pakistan has one of the world’s largest arsenals of NUCLEAR BOMBS! If Iran is pushed into a war, they might even consider buying a few nuclear  bombs from their neighbor. It won’t be the first time Pakistan sold nuclear stuff to another government! So we must be reminded that you do not have to build a nuclear bomb to possess one. Anything can be purchased for the right price!

And I believe that quite a few of our so called representatives have sold their votes to Special Interests for the millions of dollars they  call “campaign contributions”.  A former US Congressman, Cecil Heftel, wrote a book entitled, “End Legalized Bribery” that exposes the bribery taking place during our elections and after our elections.

Why are the Republicans cozying up to the Israelis? Could the campaign money have any relation to their exposing our people to a very dangerous war?

The relationship of Israel and the United States needs to be looked at. We are like the elephant being bullied by a mouse. Israel has just finished a deadly war against the people in Gaza which destroyed or greatly damaged over 98,000 residential houses! In the Mid East their cultures usually crowd several generations of a family into the same dwelling. Consequently, the destruction of almost 100,000 homes could result in over one million people becoming homeless! This is GENOCIDE! No army can damage that many houses, by mistake.

This did not have to happen. Our government gives Israel billions of our tax dollars each year. Our military shares information with the military of Israel. We certainly have the leverage to restrain Israel from committing Genocide against the people in Gaza. We certainly have the leverage to stop Israel from attacking Iran ,and dragging us into a war that could easily become World War III.

Why have we not used our leverage to restrain Israel before? Is it bribery of our so called representatives? If we had used our leverage to restrain Israel in the past, could the 9/11 attacks been avoided? 15 of the 19 terrorists who  caused 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia! Why, then, did we attack Iraq? Was it the oil in Saudi Arabia that controlled our government’s choice? Was there money involved?

The foreign policies of our government need to be scrutinized far more than the emails of our former Secretary of State! We have been making lots more enemies than friends by meddling in other nations’ elections, by trying to dominate the world, by self appointing ourselves as the world’s policeman, and by dropping bombs on nations we are not at war with.

Both of our political parties are at fault. Their accepting bribes has caused us to lose control over our government.

The Republicans have long represented the rich who have bribed them to insert loopholes into our laws so they can escape taxes and hide trillions of dollars in foreign tax havens. Republicans have opposed Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Republicans have opposed allowing women to have the choice of abortions. Republicans have opposed raising the federal Minimum Wage from $7.25 – for over 6 years. And now, they are about to get us into a war with Iran!

So why did the voters elect more Republicans in the 2014 elections?

My guess is that they were angry with Obama because he broke so many campaign promises, and equally angry because the Democrats have lost their loyalty to the 99% of us.

Democrats continue to fund wars that polls show the public oppose. Democrats are not passing legislation to help unions get a fair opportunity to organize, where the needs of workers are seriously needed. Democrats are not fighting to raise the Minimum Wage to a livable wage, but have talked about a MW of only $ 10 spread out over several years in small increments each year.

Democrats have caved in to the Republicans in negotiations, resulting in serious cuts in funding for our schools, public parks, post offices, etc. Democrats have become more interested in their own jobs than our jobs. Democrats have joined the Republicans in supporting treacherous trade deals that give incentives to corporations to outsource our jobs. We lost 5 million jobs because of the NAFTA trade deal of 3 nations, and we will lose over 20 million jobs if the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal of 12 nations goes through our bribed Congress and Senate. And we all know that Democratic President Obama did not have to keep this terrible trade deal SECRET, but he did.

So – who can we vote for in 2016?  Both parties have betrayed us. We need a party that represents our needs. Many nations have Labour Parties that have won a majority of seats in their parliaments, and passed legislation that gave their people free healthcare, and free college educations. The Australian Labour Party got their people a Minimum Wage that increases every year! It is now over $16.00 per hour. It is time for us to create a national Labor Party that will represent us.

See my web site for more information on how easy this is, if we begin – NOW!

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books on US politics, and an international newspaper columnist. Mr. Greenebaum resides in Oregon, where everyone can vote by mail, rather than using voting machines manufactured by Republicans. As Howard says, “Our votes are safe, as long as we keep our post offices public.”

Photo credit: Flickr