By ignoring the wise advice of George Washington in his farewell speech, we are being ensnared in an ever increasing web of violence between the Shiites of Iran and the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia. George Washington advised us to keep free of entanglements with other nations by avoiding becoming an ally or an enemy of any nation, as such entanglements would result in our being caught up in their wars.

And we have allowed our corporations to become the largest sellers of dangerous military weapons and fighter air planes in the world! Saudi Arabia is our largest importer of arms! I might remind our citizens that 15 of the 19 terrorists who bombed our country in the 9/11 attacks were Saudi citizens. And, for decades, Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorists all over the world. And Saudi Arabia is not nice to their female citizens, either.

And recently the Saudi’s new leader warned us to not allow Iranian-backed militia to capture too much of Iraq from the Islamic State (the ISIS). That threat is worth repeating. The Saudi government is warning our government! This is the nation that is supposed to be an ally. With allies like Saudi Arabia, who needs enemies.

The Saudis are also now seeking to gain possession of nuclear weapons! The Saudis are not the only nation to seek nuclear weapons in the Mid East. Turkey is now on the prowl for nuclear weapons, as well.  Is this good news for the world? Or, are we all going berserk, with our hatred of each other people’s religions, and our inabilities to consider peace as a goal for our peoples.

As the hatred for each other ferments in the Middle East, our President Obama makes another terrible move there. He has lifted a 2 year freeze on selling weapons to Egypt. For those who may have forgotten, Egypt was, in the past, involved in several wars with Israel. So, does it make sense to send Egypt 12 F-16 fighter jets, 20 Harpoon missiles, and 125 M1A1 Abrams TANKS in April 2015!  NO! It does not. Of course, it is certainly good for the American military arms corporations. But, if we had foreign policies based on morality and peace among peoples, we would close down our sales of military arms to all nations and push the UN to ban arms sales to all nations! That is a foreign policy that would lead the world toward peace.

The Saudis have been quite busy with the bombers that we have sold them. They bombed the insurgents in Bahrain, and are now bombing the insurgents in Yemen! And, don’t forget our military has been dropping bombs from drones on the people of Yemen also. Are the Saudis and our government protecting the democracies of these nations? NO! They are protecting the corrupt leaders of these nations. They are killing patriots who are fighting for freedom from bad leaders. We are on the wrong sides time and time again.

Why are we on the wrong sides? We are protecting our corporations who have profited from doing business with these corrupt leaders. Our politicians have ignored morality and chosen to favor their rich donors who continue to bribe them into acting against the struggles for democracy around the world.

The Saudis have a monarchy which has been quite cozy with our Presidents. They are deathly afraid of a rebellion against their royal power, and have the oil money to pay bribes wherever they choose. That is a great incentive for us to switch to solar and wind power and help stop Climate Change and gain government change.

Our government has been meddling in the elections of other nations for decades, which has not been in the interest of the citizens of these nations. Over and over again, we have supported ruthless leaders of other nations, and actually joined these leaders in launching attacks on citizens who were fighting to gain democratic governments who would be free from corruption. We have and still are acting immorally, by preventing others from gaining the freedoms that we are blessed with. Our constitution guarantees protection for our citizens to assemble and voice dissent. Why then do we join with corrupt leaders and help them kill their dissenting citizens?

That is a problem that we need to fix quickly. We are deeply over our heads in trouble in the violent Mid East! We are sending our military into battles that can easily develop into World War III! The Mid East, today, has 3 nations with lots of nuclear bombs, Israel, India, and Pakistan!

We have failed over and over again to restrain Israel from violently treating the Palestinians! We have enormous leverage to easily stop Israel from engaging in this violence. But, both of our political parties have accepted millions of dollars in campaign funds from the Israeli pacts, and so they have prevented our government from acting morally, and stopping the violence by Israel. Israel is now warning our government that if we sign an agreement with Iran, that they will attack Iran! And they know that their attack will cause us to get engaged in their war against Iran. Oh, do we need another President with the wisdom of George Washington!

Our foreign policies must change. Since Hillary Clinton was our Secretary of State and was a party to these terrible foreign policies, I have no confidence in her making any moral changes if she became our President.

And, since both of our political parties are swimming in an ocean of money flowing to them from rich corporations and rich individuals, I believe we need a new political party that can replace corruption in our government with morality.

In my 85 years I have witnessed Labour Parties winning a majority of seats in many nations’ parliaments, and then passing legislation that favored their citizens, rather than their corporations. I believe it is high time we got ourselves an American Labor Party. I have devoted my web site to creating an American Labor Party, and suggested ways that our Labor Party candidates would remain free from bribes from Speical Interests. My web site is

This is the solution to gain,” a government of caring, and dispose of our government of killing”.

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about US politics and an international newspaper columnist.

Photo credit: WikiMedia