The absence of morality in the acts of the elite in America is threatening the future of all mankind!

Now that is quite a statement to ponder. So, let’s bring it down to earth and consider it in chunks.

First and foremost, our government’s behavior is sinking our image downward by the minute. We are the world’s largest seller of dangerous weapons. These weapons are killing people all over the world now. Has anyone considered the consequences of our marketing these tools of violence?

We are employing some of the brightest of engineers to design more and more dangerous weapons of mass destruction. Why? Should not we all ask this question? Do we intend to use these weapons to kill more and more people? Are we going to sell them to other nations to do the killing?

We have built over 1,000 military bases around the world. Did our citizens have any voice in this spending of our tax dollars. Does locating our military bases on the soil of other nations bring us more security?

Or are these bases meant to be building steps for an American empire that will dominate the world? Have we, the citizens, voted for us to dominate the world with weapons and  bases of our military? Do American mothers and fathers want their children fighting in wars all around the world? And losing their limbs and lives in these wars?

The growing inequality of wealth in America certainly suggests that our growing militarism has not made the 99% of our people richer. In fact, our standard of living is rapidly declining. We, the 99%, are falling behind the standards of living in many other nations.

Our corporate CEOs are outsourcing our jobs without any thoughts of the effects of their behavior. There is a real absence of morality in their actions. Compassion for workers and their families is not high on the list in the minds of American CEOs. Lust for riches dominates their minds.

American doctors are far different today than when I was much younger. I am now 85 years old. I can remember when doctors made home visits.  They took their time in making a diagnosis, and answered questions from the family and made sure everyone knew what was happening. They were not in a hurry to leave.

Doctors at that time bragged about how much time they gave to the poor. Some doctors gave a half a day free each week for the poor. Others gave a whole day a week free for the poor.

Today, many doctors refuse to treat the poor who rely on Medicaid for their health insurance. These doctors not only give no time for the poor, but complain that they will make less money because of the government’s smaller fees. Compassion for the poor is missing. Morality is absent.

Now, many doctors are also refusing to treat the elderly who rely on Medicare for their primary insurance. Once more money is their guide. Compassion and morality are missing. And these doctors are making many times more money than the doctors of my youth who made home visits and treated the poor for no money. Quite a difference.

Many thousands of American die each year because of the lack of access to healthcare. We are the only industrialized nation that does not offer free healthcare for every citizen!

The over pricing of medicines, hospitals, and insurance premiums is choking the US economy. Medical costs are the number one cause of personal bankruptcies in our country.

President Obama refused to support an expansion of Medicare for all Americans, which would have resulted in much smaller monthly premiums and much more benefits. He chose to protect the profits of corporations over the well being of our citizens. Morality was missing again.

Some nations offer free college educations to their students. American students graduate with debts for their education amounting to many thousands of dollars! Between the debts and the ever increasing costs of college education, many American students will lose access to higher education. The opposite is happening in other nations, as more and more of their students will become engineers, doctors, and other professionals.

Why is this happening to our young people? Because our government is spending most of our tax dollars on waging wars. And the rich corporations and rich individuals are bribing our elected officials to inject loopholes in our tax system so they pay less taxes, and are allowed to hide trillions of untaxed money in foreign tax havens. Bribery is rampant in our government. And the cancer of bribery has chased away any degree of morality from their minds.

So what can we do about this loss of moral behavior by our elites?

# 1 We need our media, internet, and literature to expose this lack of morality by our leaders of industry and our leaders in government.

#2 We need to learn that without moral behavior, we have lost so much.

#3 We need to throw the lobbyists out of the halls of our governments, and pass laws that ban political contributions to any governmental official. We will use our tax dollars to fund campaigns for elections.

# 4 We need a third party that represents the people, so we can accomplish this change from corporate control of our government, to a government for the people.

During my 85 years, I have witnessed many nations creating Labour Parties that won the majority of seats in their parliaments, and then passed legislation that raised their standards of living.

I have devoted my website to designing an American Labor Party with a process that will keep our Labor Party candidates free from the bribes from the rich.

With a party that represents the goals of the people, we can restore morality into our industries and into our governments. It is vital that we begin building this Labor Party for the 2016 elections. Without a change, we are heading for more Climate Change. More wars. And a real possibility of destroying our planet!

Howard M. Greenebaum, is the author of 3 books on US politics and an international newspaper columnist.