For a man who received a Nobel Prize for Peace, he has a peculiar way of acting. Today, 6/16/15, the Center for Public Integrity reported that Obama has backed down on his efforts to lead the world in eliminating nuclear explosive materials. I am sure the terrorists in the world are pleased with his decision.

Of course, we know that “our” President is so busy trying to railroad through Congress his trade deals for his corporate friends, that the poor man should not have to concentrate on such trivial pursuits as nuclear explosive materials in our “peaceful” world.

And on the same 6/16/15 day, the NY Times disclosed that our “Pentagon was discussing stationing battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, other heavy weapons, and 5,000 US troops in the Baltic states bordering Russia.” This news did not please Russian leaders, as this would break a 1997 agreement with Russia and NATO that assured Russia that NATO would NOT place combat forces and combat equipment near Russia.

And was it not just a week or two ago that the Russian President reminded our government that he, indeed, was considering using nuclear weapons if things did not go well in the Ukraine? ( For those people just catching up to the news, our government has been quite busy meddling in the governing of countries on the borders of Russia.) Maybe our President does not know that either. Perhaps some of you readers might contact him and ask him why we are involved in the politics in nations bordering Russia.

Now, for those of us who are getting confused with our President’s priorities, it is going to surprise you to know that there are more surprises for you to surmise.

The next surprise is happening in a nation called Yemen, which has 25 million citizens and has never, never been considered a threat to our security. For weeks now our military has been bombing the cities in this country. And, believe it or not we have had the strangest ally bombing these cities with us. The Saudi Arabian military is using bombs and bomber air craft that they have purchased from our military-industry complex and from Great Britain’s military-industry complex. In fact, Saudi Arabia is the number one customer of weapons from the US and Great Britain.

 And, as an afterthought, were not 15 of the 19 terrorists who bombed our country in the 9/11 terrorist attacks Saudi Arabians? Yes indeed that was a curious fact, when we decided to fight a war. Except, we did not retaliate against the aggressor! For some reason, we attacked Iraq, which had no relation to the 9/11 attacks. And if you also remember, the infamous terrorist Bin Ladin also was a Saudi Arabian and received his funding from friends and family in Saudi Arabia for several years.

Sooo, why are we bombing the people in Yemen with the Saudi Arabians? Maybe we are testing new weapons on the heads of Yemenese for our military industrial complex ? Or maybe we are trying to get back the corrupt leader of Yemen who was chased out of Yemen by revolutionaries who are seeking an honest government for their people.

But, come to think of it, I don’t remember our Congress voting on this war against the nation of Yemen. I guess if must be a war because our military would not be allowed to drop bombs on people without our representatives in our capitol voting for this war, right?

Then, again, we are also dropping bombs on the people in Pakistan, and I don’t remember our Congress voting on that war either.

Oops, I just remembered that our military is dropping bombs on people in Syria too.

And darn if I didn’t read that we are dropping bombs on people back in Iraq again.

I guess our Congressmen and Congress women are so busy voting for the Trans Pacific Partnership Traitor deal that they just don’t have time to vote about our bomb droppings. Although, I do believe these bomb droppings may be causing the citizens of these countries to become a little aggravated. And if they have relatives or friends living in our country, they might do something like the two guys did at the Boston Marathon a year ago. Bomb dropping can make people a little angry after a while, don’t you think?

I seem to remember that the President has something to do with our military, too. I guess he is so engrossed in reading the thousand or so pages in the Trans Pacific Partnership Traitor Deal that he has forgotten some of his other lesser duties.

I wish all of the above real happenings were just words in a funny book I had written, but Folks, this is actually happening all around the world while our
 so called “representatives” have shirked their duties, spelled out very clearly in our Constitution! Killing people with bombs is rotten behavior. It is immoral. And we need Congress people and a President who care for the lives of others.

The Trans Pacific Partnership traitor deal is written by people who do not care if we lose our jobs, lose our safety regulations, and lose our sovereignty. These people are only interested in making excessive profits. Their agenda is to remove anything that interferes with their lust for more and more money.

And our President is in cahoots with them. The proof is that Obama has kept the entire deal SECRET so we, the public, cannot learn how rotten this deal will be for all of us. There is no excuse to have a Fast Track voting mechanism manipulated by our President and the rotten politicians who are in cahoots with him.  The Fast Track manipulation was designed and approved by the Nixon administration. It belongs in the trash can. It is a violation of our Constitution. It is crazy to think that a law could be voted upon without our representatives having an opportunity to discuss the details and make changes that are not in our best interests.

The SECRECY included our representatives – so they should not have agreed to vote for anything that is not accessible for them to read and for us to read.

 This is a fight for our Democracy. It is that important! Anybody who votes for Fast Track should be Fast Tracked out of office. We need a recall law to recall any federal official who violates our Constitution, or does any other criminal act.

We need a Labor Party to vote for in the 2016 elections. Many nations have created Labor Parties and the LP candidates have won the majority of seats in their parliaments. Their Labor Parties then provided their citizens with Free healthcare, Free college for their children, and other social programs that raised the standard of living for all of their citizens. Australia’s Labour Party created a Minimum Wage that increases each year, and is now over $16 per hour!

And contrary to the propaganda of US corporations, their livable wages resulted in more jobs and a faster growing economy. Many economists have supported a livable wage for American workers, but the CEOs of corporations have opposed it, and bribed our representatives to vote against it.

Howard M Greenebaum, author,  Democratic nominee for the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and Democratic nominee for the US Congress in California in 1988.  Also Delegate for Obama in 2008 in the Democratic county and state conventions in Colorado.

After witnessing Obama breaking so many of his campaign promises, and the Democrats following his way, I re-registered as an Independent.  Voter registrations in 10 states now outnumber the registrations of either major party. 37.7 % of voter registrations are now Independents, and this trend away from both the Democrats and Republicans, is growing as much as 25% in our states!

It is obvious now, by these numbers, that the American voters want a party to vote for, and are sick of voting against the least obnoxious choice on the ballots.

Please visit my website and learn how you can help create an American Labor Party. You may also read more of my Op-Ed columns there.