Every goal needs legislation supported by a majority of votes in the Senate and the House of Representatives – before any President can sign it into law. All of the goals that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren speak about  cannot be achieved unless we elect honest Senators and Congress persons. Today, both Democrats and Republicans cater to their rich donors.

They receive money to vote against raising the Minimum Wage.

They receive money to vote against raising taxes on the rich.

They receive money to vote against stopping the rich from hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks.

They receive money to vote to fund wars that are bankrupting our country.

They receive money to vote against putting a cap on the interest rates we pay on our credit cards.

They receive money to vote against expanding Social Security.

They receive money to vote against expanding Medicare for all Americans, which would save each family thousands of dollars!

Citizens in many nations have faced this dilemma and chose to build Labour Parties that won the majority of seats in their Parliaments.

An October 2013 Gallup Poll found that 49% of Democrats, 52% of Republicans, and 71% of Independents favor having a third party to vote for.

The 2014 election had the lowest turnout since 1942 (during WW II). The public detests both parties.

Voter registrations are soaring for Independents! 37.7% of voter registrations are now Independents! Independent voter registrations outnumber either party in over 10 states, and this trend is increasing by 25% a year in many states.

To achieve our many goals, we must build an American Labor Party and recruit Labor Party candidates to win a majority of seats in our Senate and House in the 2016 elections!

Bernie Sanders has only 44% name recognition, compared to 89% for Clinton. If Bernie Sanders were to run as a Presidential candidate with an American Labor Party, he would have an army of Labor Party candidates running for office and encouraging the voters to vote for a Labor Party ticket. All of the Labor Party candidates would be actively supporting the goals that Bernie Sanders is working for. I also believe Bernie Sanders should persuade Elizabeth Warren to run for Vice President on the Labor Party ticket.

With Elizabeth and Bernie working to build the Labor Party, a huge amount of volunteers would flood their offices and help educate the public about the benefits of having a party that is free of bribery and will represent the needs of the public again.

I have written ideas on my web site that will keep the Labor Party candidates loyal to the promises that they make about our goals. For the first time, the voters will have candidates that will work for our interests, instead of the interests of the rich. Visit my web site and learn morewww.BoldThoughts.org

Labour Parties in other nations have passed laws that gave their people FREE healthcare. Some Labour Parties have given their children FREE college. The Australian Labour Party legislated a Minimum Wage, years ago, that increases each year! Today, the Australian people enjoy a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hr.  Over 50,000 New Zealand workers move to Australia every year for higher wages.  Many economists have supported raising our MW, but our corporate CEOs continue to wreck our economy by outsourcing our jobs and factories, and underpaying our workers.

In 1998  former US Congressman Cecil Heftel wrote a book entitled, “End Legalized Bribery”. We must end the bribery in our government and elect a new clean Labor Party. A slogan to win the 2016 election could be “Do you want a government of killing – or a government of caring?”

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books on US politics, the former Democratic Nominee for the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and the former Democratic Nominee for the US Congress in 1988 in California. He was also a Delegate for Obama in 2008 in the Democratic county and state conventions in Colorado. After witnessing Obama breaking many promises, he has re-registered as an Independent.

Photo credit: Kelly.House.gov