Bernie Sanders can win the Presidency and control of Congress – without the Democratic Party!

In fact, he will probably win in a Landslide. Here’s how. Wherever Bernie has appeared, he has won over the crowds of people by stating clearly the goals that most voters yearn for:

The poor need a Minimum Wage that will pay for the basic needs of survival; food, shelter, heat in the winter, transportation to the working place, clothes, and communications , such as a phone.

The worst fear of all workers is that corporation CEOs will outsource their jobs!

The workers need a President who will stop the Outsourcing of jobs, so they can have security for their families.

Bernie has assured the public that he will confront the inequality of incomes and work hard to help the Middle Class begin to grow again.

Bernie believes the scientists, who have been warning us to move quickly toward clean energy, while there is still time to stop Climate Change. We need to take the war money and divert it into a gigantic clean energy program.

Bernie believes that all Americans should have health insurance and suggests we expand Medicare to all Americans. Today, 35 million Americans are uninsured.

Bernie supports Diplomacy over wars, and this is one of the most important things he will be doing as our President. Our current Congress has abandoned their Constitutional requirements, by refusing to vote for or against the many wars we have got ourselves involved in. This irresponsible behavior is bankrupting our Treasury, which affects our schools, our infrastructure, our Medicare, Medicaid, and our Social Security. More than half of the taxes we pay are being wasted on wars we should not be involved in.

The war money could be used for constructive programs like expanding Social Security, fixing our infrastructure, and providing FREE College for every student!

Bernie has refused to accept money from rich individuals and from rich corporations. He is free to tackle the huge tax dodging schemes being perpetrated by the rich. Trillions of untaxed dollars are being hidden in foreign banks. This is criminal and the IRS should be investigating this tax dodging and charging the criminals with felony crimes. These tax dodgers should be paying large penalties on the back taxes they have not paid taxes on. This money could have been used for so many needs of our people and needs of our planet.

Bernie and the 99%  are direct threats to the present cozy relationship between both of our political parties and their rich donors.

The tax dodgers will not like it.

The defense contractors will not like it.

The dirty fuel companies will not like it.

The get rich quick CEOs will not like it.

The banks who are getting rich off of Student debts and off of the high interest rates on our credit cards – will not like it.

The health insurance companies will not like it.

But, it is time that we can like it!  The simplest way to make all of this happen is to offer candidates for every seat in the House of Representatives. There are 435 seats up for election every 2 years. Their wages, benefits, and percs  add up to nearly $ 200,000.00 per year. They have short work weeks and large vacations. It is time we get new candidates sitting in these seats whose major concerns are our concerns, not those of the rich.

There are also 34 seats in the Senate open for election in 2016. They receive the same wages and benefits, and only have to face election every 6 years!

This totals 469 candidates we can have campaigning for a clean government without bribery. In 1998 former US Congressman Cecil Heftel wrote a book, entitled, “ End Legalized Bribery.” We can end legalized bribery by offering candidates who do not accept money from rich individuals and rich corporations.

Bernie has awakened hope for thousands of volunteers, eager to help him get elected. It would behoove Bernie to act quickly before the endorsements are handed out, and explain to his volunteers that the quickest way to answer our dreams is to give the voters a real choice in 2016. To not only elect a caring President, but to build a new, clean political party that will vote to support the dreams  of so many of us. Bernie should tell the story about how he tried to get Senators to put a cap on the interest rates on our credit cards, and not one Democrat or Republican would support a cap. And that is why today all of us are paying way too much interest on our credit cards. We need Senators and Congresspeople who vote for us and not vote to protect the profits of corporations.

The volunteers should be organized quickly to get the Labor Party registered in every state. The volunteers should organize committees to recruit good, honest, and talented candidates to run in the Labor Party Primary Elections. Bernie will then have 469 Labor Party candidates around the country explaining to the voters how important it is to have a Labor Party to represent their needs, and that these candidates will sign pledges to vote for us. See my website which explains how our LP candidates can be trusted to vote for us.

Since this system of legalized bribery has also been confronted by citizens in other nations, it is time we learned how they defeated it. Quite simply they built Labor parties and voted in a new clean party with clean candidates. In the 1980s the Canadians voted out both of their major parties. We can do that too.

Since most of us are workers it certainly is time for us to have a political party that looks out for our needs. A Labor Party would work 24/7 protecting workers’ jobs, workers’ safety, protecting our planet, and working for peace in the world.

The naysayers will say voters will not support a third party. However, the numbers say YES VOTERS WILL SUPPORT A LABOR PARTY!

An October 2013 Gallup Poll found that 49% of Democrats, 52% of Republicans, and 71% of Independents favor a third party to vote for.

The voter turnout in the 2014 elections was the lowest since 1942 when we were in WWII. Democrats always depend on large voter turnouts. The Democrats were furious because their party was offering to cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They were furious because Democrats had control of our government in 2009,2010, 2011, and part of 2012 and they did nothing to help us . Some Democrats voted for Republicans in 2012,and in 2014, and most Democrats stayed home and did not vote. The federal Minimum Wage has not increased in over 6 years! It is still $ 7.25 per hour.

Voter registrations confirm that the voters are still furious. Democrat voter registrations have dropped by one half of a million! Republican voter registrations have dropped by a few thousand. Independent voter registrations are soaring upward, as much as 25% in one year. In over 10 states Independent voter registrations outnumber either party. 38% of the total of voter registrations are now Independent and are growing daily.

Yes, voters will support a Labor Party with Bernie Sanders as their Presidential candidate. Bernie, please start the wheels rolling and let the Democrats destroy each other in their Primary election. Lead the Labor Party to a Landslide victory in 2016. The Republicans and Democrats have the money, but WE HAVE THE VOTES! We can win a great majority of seats in Congress with  clean, honest, and loyal Labor Party candidates.

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books on US politics. He was the Democratic Nominee to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984 and the Democratic Nominee to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state conventions in Colorado. (After witnessing Obama and the current Democrats catering to corporations, he has re-registered as an Independent.) He is also a member of the UAW Local 1981 AFL-CIO.

Photo credit: StaticFlikr