Below is what you need to know so you won’t be fooled by the lies in television ads.

If you see many of the same ads, you can be sure that someone has a whole lot of money, and is trying to deceive you. There are people out there that want you to vote against people who will represent your needs. These people are very rich and do not want you to receive fair wages for your work, do not want to pay taxes for public schools, and do not want you to have Social Security.

Many of these people run large corporations and pay themselves millions of dollars, and only care for themselves. They try to get laws and regulations changed so they can get richer and richer, in spite of the harm done by weakening laws that protect our health, our lives, and protect the planet we live on.

To escape being deceived, you must read more so you can learn who is telling the truth, and who is lying.

I am going to tell you the truth. I am 86 years old and am not running for any public office. When I won the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland and won it again in 1988 in California, the Democratic party was far different than it is today. In those days, the Democratic party represented the needs of the workers. It fought hard for strong environmental laws to protect our air,water, and land.

Today, the Democratic Party is different. The Democratic candidates are afraid to act in our interests, because they would lose the millions of dollars that they receive from rich corporations to get them to vote against our interests. The rich do not want the Minimum Wage raised from $7.25 because they are greedy and do not care if you suffer from unlivable wages.

The rich want to privatize all public programs, including public schools, so they can make more money. They do not care about the education of your children. They just do not want to pay taxes! The rich hide trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. This money is not available to pay for our schools, fire department, police, and to pay for the backlog in maintenance of our infrastructure which now needs over $ 3.5 trillion dollars to keep safe for our water and our transportation. Children and adults are dying from the need to replace lead in our water pipes, and people are dying from accidents on unsafe bridges!

All of the candidates for President from the Republican Party claim that there is no Climate Change! These people have read the news from thousands of scientists in nations around the world. They cannot pretend that all of these scientists are wrong. None of the Republican candidates are scientists.They are just pretending there is no Climate Change so they can receive millions of dollars from the many Special Interests who profit from our ignorance.These special interests make billions of dollars by dodging regulations that protect us from pollution of our air, water,and land. The future of our planet is doomed if we elect one of these candidates.

The Republican candidates also threaten women who need abortions. This can result in  deaths of women who are forced to rely on unsafe procedures from unprofessionals.

The two Democratic candidates for Presidents have entirely different backgrounds. Hillary Clinton is a former lawyer and was married to a US President who prided himself on moving the Democratic Party to the “Center”. In truth, Bill Clinton move it to the center of the Republican party. He helped the Republicans push through the job killing NAFTA trade deal. Over 5 million American workers lost their jobs as 60,000 factories were moved out of our country!  Bill Clinton also joined the Republicans in smashing the Glass-Steagall Act which had protected us for over 67 years from fraud by our financial industries. This rotten action opened the doors to huge fraud from our financial industries and trillions of dollars were lost all over the world in the Crash in 2008, 2009, and for many, all the years since.

Hilary Clinton is a pure politician. She has flip flopped on her positions on so many issues, that it is obvious to many who answer numerous polls that she is not trustworthy!

When she and her husband collected over $125 million dollars in private so called speeches, it was perfectly clear that something was going on behind those guarded doors that they did not want the public to hear or see.

Besides their coziness with rich corporations, their foundation has received many very large checks from foreign nations along with many large checks from American corporations. One, especially, needs a lot of attention.

While Hillary was Secretary of State she authorized the waiver of a long and much needed ban of sales of dangerous weapons to nations in the Middle East. The Clintons’ Foundation received a total of over 10 million dollars from Boeing Aircraft and our so called “ally” Saudi Arabia. By lifting this ban, over $29 billion dollars of fighter bombers and bombs were sold to the Saudis! And since this terrible action by Hillary Clinton, thousands and thousands of innocent people have been killed in the poor country of Yemen! Most of the people in Yemen are Shiites.Most of the people in Saudi Arabia are Sunnis. We have, with Hillary Clinton’s aid, allowed the Saudis to commit genocide on a nation of 25 million Shiites. This is happening while our government is supposed to be trying to mend relations with Iran, which is mostly made up of Shiites!

Iran is the same nation that Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying on April 22, 2008 that “if she was President she would obliterate Iran.” Obliterate is defined as destroying all. The media confronted Hillary on this statement and she did not deny saying this word. In fact, she defended it. Iran has 78 million children and adults! Do we really want a President who would drop nuclear bombs on it and kill all of these people?

Because Hillary has so much baggage, and the Republicans are very aware of all of it, it is problematic if Hillary can beat a Republican candidate for President. Only Bernie Sanders is without any such baggage,and scores many more points over any Republican candidate than does Hillary.

Bernie Sanders was an Independent rather than a Democrat all through his political career. He has been one of the few politicians in Washington that is honest and holds principles that are never broken. He has defended Social Security when the Democrats have offered to cut its funding. In fact, he is the only guy in Washington who wants to expand Social Security. As more and more governments and corporations find ways to cut existing pensions, Social Security becomes the lone source of income for millions of retirees. If you are a senior or a near senior,you might remember Bernie when you vote.

When Hillary keeps saying the lie, “ that Bernie’s ideas are ‘pie in the sky’ “ you might also remember that several prominent economists have exposed Hillary’ s lie as completely false. In fact, Bernie’s idea will bring great prosperity to the millions who are struggling with 2 jobs and low wages to put bread on the table. Bernie is the true friend of workers and people of any color who would be able to go to college FREE. Get healthcare that is affordable and available to all Americans. The opposite is true today. People with family health insurance are now exposed to a limit of out-of-pocket expenses that has exploded to $ 13,700,00 !! How many Americans have that kind of money for an emergency?

In 2009 Bernie Sanders was the only Senator to try and get a cap on the interest rates we pay on our credit cards. Think of that when you look at your monthly statement with runaway interest rates!

Vote for your interests in November. Vote for Bernie.

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about the corruption in our government. He won the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984 and the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state conventions in Colorado.

Photo credit: Creative Commons