… because of the exposure of their rigging of their own primary elections against Bernie Sanders!

Everybody knows that Hilary Clinton is not an innocent bystander to this disgraceful behavior in a so called Democracy. Poll after poll found that a majority of voters do not trust Hillary Clinton. Poll after poll has also indicated that the voters do not trust either political party.

Bribery from rich corporations and rich individuals has taken control of both the Republican and the Democratic parties. Bribery has given rich corporations and rich individuals numerous loopholes in our laws, that have enabled them to hide trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks all around the world! While small business people and workers pay their taxes, the rich are allowed to escape any penalties for their tax dodging.

This criminal behavior has resulted in serious cuts in the funding for our schools, serious cuts in funding for our infrastructure, and serious cuts in all public programs that affect our people. The health of our families is affected by this tax dodging.

Having two major political parties swallowing millions and millions of dollars from the rich has resulted in the loss of representation of the needs of the other 99% of our people.

Keeping the money flowing to the parties and to the bribed candidates is the way our two parties operate today. WE DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY ANYMORE. The rich are the only people that the parties and their candidates care for.

Corruption has spread all through our governmental agencies. Corruption has spread through our health industry. Corruption has spread through our State Department. I recommend every citizen go to their libraries and read the book entitled “Clinton Cash.”  You will be amazed at how our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and her husband, Bill Clinton, have made over $ 100 million in a very short time.

The Democratic Senators and Congresspersons did not support Senator Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party tried every dirty trick they could imagine to sabotage Bernie’s election. The Democratic Party is not supposed to support any candidate until the primary race is over.

All of these Democrats had one goal. They did not want Bernie to stop the corruption in elections because they were all profiting from the corruption. They do not want to stop the passage of the huge job killing TPP trade deal, because they do not want the flow of millions of dollars to their campaigns to stop. They do not want the people to be able to have much more affordable government run health insurance, because they do not want to lose the millions of dollars from big insurance companies.

The defense industry gave Hillary Clinton more money than they gave to any Republican or Democrat presidential candidate. Hillary has been very good for the sales of their products, and very good to many foreign governments also. She is the darling of the defense industry. They make great profits on every war we are engaged in around the world. We are the largest seller of weapons in the world!

The supporters of Bernie Sanders are not happy with the news that their party cheated them out of their chances for real representation of our many needs. The TPP trade deal is the linchpin that will destroy our entire economy once it is let loose. The TPP will destroy not only 20 million jobs for American workers, but will destroy the futures of the spouses and children of these workers. The total affected could be over 80 million individuals impacted by a vote from bribed politicians from both parties.

And our Democratic President is up to his eyeballs in connection to the passage of the TPP. Obama chose to keep the negotiations for this huge deal SECRET FOR OVER ONE YEAR. He did not allow a Senator or Congress person to read the text BEFORE THEY VOTED FOR FAST TRACK OF THE TPP. He has lied about many parts of this trade deal and the leaders of over one thousand organizations have tried to stop this deal that will not only destroy our jobs, but it will destroy the regulations that protect our air, water, and planet. It is a huge effort of rich corporations to escape protection of our people’s health and welfare. America will never be the same after the TPP is passed.

Our only hope is that the Democratic Party will wake up on July 25, the first day of their Convention, and cancel the results of the Clinton/ Debbie Schultz rigging of the Primary and vote to elect Bernie Sanders as our presidential nominee. Polls have shown over and over again that Bernie can beat Trump. Trump will win in a landslide with Hillary as the nominee. I am 86 years old and have been a Democrat all my life. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Howard Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about corruption in our government. He was the winner of the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984 and winner of the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.