Our two major political parties are now receiving single digit numbers of support in a parade of polls that clearly indicate that our citizens have lost all respect for our government.

Millions of young Americans surprised the elites and flocked to the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses and gave a 74 year old candidate who rarely ever smiles, Bernie Sanders, their votes that resulted in victories in 22 states!

Millions of middle aged workers flocked to the events of another unusual candidate, Donald Trump, and are very excited by his promise to stop the job killing “free trade deals”, and do all he can to protect the jobs of our working families. This issue has been ignored by the Democratic Party and its queen, Hillary Clinton. In fact, Hillary and her husband, Bill Clinton, have a history of promoting several so called “free trade deals.” Hillary was quoted saying, “that she considered the giant Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP) the “gold standard of trade deals.”

She later flip flopped, and stated that she was against the TPP, but then flip flopped again after she became the Nominee. Her representatives, along with members of the Democratic Party, out-voted the Bernie Sanders’ delegates, and refused to support the following phrase in the Democratic Platform,” We oppose the TPP”.  In addition, these same Democrats refused to support a statement that would oppose Obama sneaking a vote for the TPP in the period after the election and before the new Congress begins in January 2017. If all of this was not enough to expose Hillary Clinton’s lies about opposing the job killing TPP, several important allies of the Clintons have hinted that that Hillary will not oppose the TPP.

The TPP is a giant trade deal that has been kept SECRET for over one year by President Obama. He has lied over and over again about how this deal will create jobs for Americans. The tiny 3 nation NAFTA trade deal caused the loss of 5 million jobs and the moving of over 60,000 factories from our country to nations with the lowest wages in the world.

The TPP has 12 nations in it and it represents 40% of the world’s economy! The amount of jobs that will be outsourced to low wage nations are estimated to be way over 20 MILLION!  And that number does not tell the whole story. The 20 million spouses of the fired workers will be impacted  also. And the 2 children of each family which totals 40 more million individuals will also be shoved into poverty by the TPP.  So the total of Americans facing the TPP disaster by outsourcing, will total 80 MILLION!

The TPP will wreck our economy, and destroy the dreams of our working class.

If that is not enough for the ruthless corporations who are pushing the TPP, their lobbyists have also been busy trying to destroy our regulations which protect our air, water, and planet!

The TPP will slow down the fight against Climate Change because the dirty fuel companies’ lobbyists have been busy writing in their parts of the TPP that will favor sales of dirt fuels over the lives of all residents living on Planet Earth.

Scientists all over the world are screaming that Climate Change is accelerating, but the bribery of government officials is drowning out their voices. These bribed officials keep saying that we have until  2050 to do anything substantial. However, Climate Change is killing more and more  people by increasing wild fires, floods, droughts, and producing higher and higher temperatures.

After all of the primaries were over, secret documents revealed that the Democratic National Party had violated the rules of neutrality and had gone all out to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders. No investigation was done to discover if any of the victories of Hillary Clinton were legitimate. True, the Chair Woman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was forced to relinquish her position, but within 24 hours, Hillary Clinton rewarded her with a Honorary Chairmanship of her 50 state campaign! This disregard for justice clearly revealed just how corrupt the Democratic Party has fallen.

The Democratic Party is pushing Hillary Clinton because they both value money more than the needs of the 99%. The Party loves the millions of dollars that they receive from the rich so they can all keep their jobs, and the Senators and Congress persons can outspend any candidates for their seats in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

Both parties are guilty of accepting bribes that enable rich individuals to hide trillions of dollars in foreign banks and never pay their  much needed taxes. Both parties are also guilty of accepting bribes that enable rich corporations to hide trillions of dollars in profits in foreign banks.

If these tax dodgers and crooked politicians were to be investigated, the tax dollars could be recovered and be used to reduce our national debt of 19 trillion dollars, help fund our public schools and pay for the 3.5 trillion dollars we need to maintain our infrastructure and remove all of the lead pipes that are poisoning our water!

The Media is shielding Hillary Clinton  because she is the darling of large corporations who have been giving her campaign huge amounts of money. The CEOs of these corporations certainly have proven their lack of compassion for US workers, by outsourcing millions of their jobs. So we can conclude that they are not giving Hillary so much money because they think she will protect the workers, protect our regulations, and do anything  to stop our very profitable wars around the world.

In fact, Hillary Clinton has received more money from the so called “Defense industries” than any Democratic or Republican candidate for US President! These war profiteers are convinced that Hillary is in their corner. The US is the largest seller of weapons in the world! It is also killing many, many people around the world. This killing is not making us more secure. In fact, it is responsible for the creation of more and more terrorists. Even some of our Generals have concluded that our bombings of innocent people are not making us friends. Our “war against terrorism” is making more and more terrorists. That is the truth. But our bribed government does not care. The issue of the 2016 election should be “ Do you want a government of Killing, or a government of Caring?” If we had the latter, we could use the war money to give our people Free Healthcare and Free College for our children.

Have you ever heard of the book entitled, “Clinton Cash”? It describes how Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have amassed over 100 million dollars in very interesting ways. “Clinton Cash” is now a movie too. Learn more about the Democratic candidate who is even more dangerous than Donald Trump.

I am a life long Democrat, but I cannot vote for either of these two candidates. I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party. We cannot trust Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to stop the wars, or stop the job killing TPP.

Howard M Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about the corruption in our government. He was the winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado. Mr. Greenebaum no longer supports Obama because he is pushing the job-killing TPP down our throats.