Hillary Clinton’s concerns over Trump and nuclear weapons reminds me of Clinton’s nuclear threat to Iran in 2008!

In 2008 an Iranian official threatened to attack Israel. Hillary Clinton was quoted as stating, “that if Iran attacked Israel, I would obliterate Iran!” Her use of the word “obliterate” caught the attention of the world’s press, and she was asked several times, if she wished to retract the use of the word, “obliterate,” as it means destroy every child and adult in the country of Iran, and the only weapon that can kill  78 million children and adults in Iran is a nuclear bomb! She utterly refused to retract her statement and actually defended the use of a nuclear bomb to obliterate an entire country!

This willingness to kill 78 million people has cast a dark shadow over my opinion of the danger of having Hillary Clinton having access to the red button, that every President has, to obliterate an entire nation.

In fact, Donald Trump, in a recent conference with our military leaders, asked 3 times about the use of nuclear weapons! This automatically erases any possibility of his being qualified to be our President, either!

With the election less than 3 months away, we, the voters, must very seriously stop and consider the choice we have left. For the first time we have a candidate who is dedicated to stopping our many wars around the world, and wants us to seek peace with all people. That person is Dr. Jill Stein. I have researched her background and find her far more qualified than the two loose trigger fingered Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump!

The number one issue in the 2016 election is “Whether you want a government of Killing- or a government of Caring?” The two candidates, Donald and Hillary, are not interested in peace. Both of them are very rich. They do not care about our needs. It is time we elect a President who is a caring doctor, who does care.

Donald keeps saying he wants to spend more of our tax dollars to making us even more armed to kill more people. We already are spending over half of our taxes on wars, and making more dangerous weapons.

Hillary is the darling of our “defense” industry. She has received more money from the “defense” contractors than any Republican or Democratic candidate for President! As Secretary of State, she accepted $ 900,000 from Boeing Corporation, and 10 million dollars from the government of Saudi Arabia to remove vital restrictions on selling dangerous weapons to nations in the volatile Mid East. Her removal of this vital restriction caused great concern from many nations around the world. And their concerns were justified as Boeing was able to receive $ 29 billion to sell bomber planes to Saudi Arabia.

Our military were allowed by our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, to participate in the genocide attacks by the Saudis on the defenseless Shiites in the poor country of Yemen. The Saudis’s religion is Sunni and most of the people in Yemen are Shiites. The Saudi Sunnis hate the Shiites, and are now dropping bombs on these defenseless people every day, while our military is assisting this slaughter.

Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be charged as war criminals for allowing this genocide to occur, and continue to happen.

Our government is dangerous. We need a law passed as soon as possible to take away the power of a US President to initiate wars. The bribed Congress and Senate have failed to follow the requirements of our Constitution to vote on the act of causing any type of war. We, the people, must be given the power to stop wars, and to never start wars. There should be no red button that any individual including the President, can push to obliterate another country. We must take away the easy trigger to slaughter people. We must make it Damned near impossible for our government to kill. Enough is enough. We need a law that requires the elimination of our nuclear weapons NOW! We cannot afford to wait. They are too dangerous.

We also need a law passed that states very clearly that our government cannot go to war unless the President approves it, Congress and the Senate must win 75%  of the votes to approve it, and there must be a national election held for the pubic to vote. The public must also have 75% of their votes favoring a war. All three of these balances of power must be in agreement before we fire one bullet. If any of the three disagree, there must not be a war.

The public has never voted for us to be the world’s policeman, and most nations would prefer we quickly closed our 1,000 military bases around the world. We need to stop meddling in other nations’ elections and stop trying to dominate the world. We need a President who is not funded by ruthless corporations who profiteer from our killings in wars around the world.

If we took the war money and used it for the needs of our citizens, we could have Free Healthcare and Free college for every student. If we stopped the ruthless CEOs from outsourcing our jobs, our wages would rise and help the millions of low paid workers.

We need a President and new political party that is not owned by ruthless corporations. We need to learn how citizens in many nations, facing the same corruption which is rampant in Washington, created Labour Parties which won majorities in their Parliaments. And with these majorities, passed legislation that favored their workers, not their corporations. We need to free our government from the clutches of Specials Interests and give our people a real Democracy!

The Australian Labour Party, years ago, created a Minimum Wage that increases each year. Today the Australians enjoy a Minimum Wage of $ 17.29 per hour. Both of our bribed parties continue to hold our MW to $ 7.25 per hour. The Democratic Party keeps talking about a $12 or $15 MW , but the small print in their phony bills does not produce a $12 or $15 raise for at least 5 years after the bill is passed, if it ever is passed. These phony bills only allow small raises each year, which is not what our workers deserve.

We can elect Dr. Jill Stein if we open our minds to the dangers we will face, with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. We also need to create an American Labor Party that will represent the people and protect our jobs, our lives, and our planet. All of this can be accomplished when we start taking our votes more seriously. Please visit my web site www.BoldThoughts.org and click on the red heading, “Labour Party.” See how you can fix our broken and dangerous government.

Howard M. Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about corruption in our government. He was the winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado. Greenebaum no longer supports Obama because of his lies about the TPP, and his failure to stop all of our wars.  

Photo credit: Creative Commons