… if we elect honest people!

Yes, there are plenty of honest people out there. We need a new political party that would attract honest and talented people to run for office in our state and especially in our federal elections. And the wages of federal seats in the Senate and House of Representatives are quite high, especially when you count in the perks and the pensions. The wages, alone, are near $200,000.00 per year. Every  2 years there are 435 seats in the House that should be won by honest and talented people.

As a former two time winner of the Democratic Nomination to the House of Representatives, I rubbed shoulders with a lot of the people who got elected to the House and Senate. I was not impressed by the caliber of most of these people. I also learned a lot about the money that these people accepted to fund their campaigns and they continued to receive, after they were voting for the interests of their rich donors.

A former long time member of the House, Cecil Heftel, wrote a book about this corruption in our government entitled, “End Legalized Bribery” The money given by rich donors to our so called representatives, has definitely influenced their voting, and should be called Bribery, which is a felony crime. However, this rotten process goes on and on because our lawmakers refuse to enforce the law that stands outside of Congress, and has been ignored so long inside our state and federal capitols.

It is time that the laws for us are also enforced on the people inside our capitols.

There are many examples of how these bribes have robbed us of our money and often caused the deaths of honest, hard working Americans.

The pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences has admitted that it would owe $ 9.7 billion in taxes if it brought the $ 28.5 billion in profits back to the US!  Why has our government allowed this to happen? Is this a rare happening? No way! Trillions of untaxed dollars are hidden in foreign banks because our “representatives” have failed to vote for laws that forbid these crimes and failed to enforce the laws that we already have. Our “representatives” are being bribed to represent the interests of the rich and to ignore the interests of the 99%.

Pharmaceutical companies are now raising the prices of many lifesaving  medicines so high that only wealthy people can afford to buy them. This ruthless price gouging has made the health insurance companies raise their rates so high that many people will drop their insurance!  Blue Cross and Blue Shield  of Montana plans on increases of 62% in 2017, after raising their rates 22 % in 2016. Rate increases of at least 25 % will be forced on people in at least 20 states! One of the largest insurers in Pennsylvania will raise their rates by 41%. Many Kentucky residents are facing an increase of 31%. In Mississippi, they are facing an increase of 43%.

And those people who no longer can afford health insurance will be facing a penalty of 2.5% on their incomes because they are poor. Each day it becomes more apparent that Barack Obama and the Democratic party have sold us out. Obamacare is a gift to ruthless corporations to squeeze every penny they can from the 99%. They have allowed the pharmaceutical companies and the health insurance companies to take as much money as they can from us.

And the Republican party is even worse. They don’t support any type of health insurance, any kind of Minimum Wage or any kind of Social Security. The Republicans only support more and more cuts in taxes for the rich!

We, the 99%, have no political party that cares for us. When corruption drowned the governments of citizens of other nations, they acted sensibly and built a Labour Party for their citizens. Their Labour Parties won majorities of seats in their Parliaments, and then passed laws that favored their citizens. Their citizens were given FREE HEALTHCARE and  FREE COLLEGE FOR THEIR CHILDREN!

Until we, Americans, wake up we will all be in poverty, except  the 1%.

If you visit my web site www.BoldThoughts.org you can learn how easy it is to build an American Labor Party that can win majorities in our House and Senate. Just click on the red lettered heading, “Labour Party”. You will learn how to make our Labor Party candidates stay loyal to our needs and how we can stop the wars and use the war money to give our people Free Healthcare and Free College. You will learn how our Labor Party can make our government stop the outsourcing of our jobs. You can learn how we can stop the tax dodging of the rich and make them pay the trillions of back taxes that they owe and these funds can be used to build a huge clean energy program, replace all of the lead pipes that poison our water, and fund our public schools properly, again.

The Australian Labour Party, years ago, built a Minimum Wage that increases every year! Today, the Australians enjoy a MW of $17.29 per hour. The Republican and the Democratic parties have ignored the poor and we are stuck with a MW of $7.25 per hour. It is obvious why our MW has not been raised. Both of our political parties are receiving buckets of money to keep their labor costs as low as possible, so their CEOs can sell their stock options and make millions of dollars in the Stock Market!

In my small state of Oregon, 300,000 people have no health insurance. Each year, over 8,000 people in Oregon file for bankruptcy because of medical expenses.

Neither of the big party candidates will help us! Trump is talking one way, and promising big tax cuts for the rich the other way. Hillary and Bill Clinton have made over $100 million in a very short time. The book entitled, ”Clinton Cash” and the movie “Clinton Cash” give a very different picture of Hillary than do her corporation paid TV ads.

There is an honest candidate running for President.  Her name is Dr. Jill Stein. On August 17 you can see Dr. Stein on CNN at 9pm Eastern Time. She is a caring doctor who favors the same issues as Bernie Sanders.

Howard M Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about the corruption in the US government.