Nothing makes me so angry as to watch my government continue to kill innocent people around the world! And nobody has connected the dots to explain why so many American citizens with Arabic names have been found guilty of setting off bombs in our country.

So let me explain why Americans are being attacked by people with Arabic names. An example is the best way to understand this simple problem. Just for a moment pretend you, an American, move to a foreign country. You live there for a while, and suddenly the government of your new country begins dropping bombs on the city where your parents, brothers, sisters, and friends live! Let’s pretend the city is Chicago and these bombs kill one or more of your family or friends. And your new government continues to drop bombs on other cities of your birth place, such as Newark, Dallas, Philadelphia, etc. How will you feel about the government of your new government?

Only then can most Americans understand why people with Arabic names become domestic terrorists. In simple words, our government is terrorizing millions of people living in Arabic nations, and we are killing parents, sisters, brothers, and friends of people with Arabic names living in our country.

Our country is guilty of killing thousands of innocent people around the world every month of the year! This is happening in many nations that we have never declared war against them. Our military is dropping thousands of bombs every month!

Our military is assisting the Saudi Arabian military to drop US made bombs on the defenseless people of Yemen every day! The Saudis are killing people in Yemen because so many of them are of the Shiite religion. This is pure Genocide and we are helping them institute these war crimes!

Only 27 of our 100 Senators voted yesterday to stop selling these bombs and bomber planes to the nation that funded the terrorists in 9/11 . Recent documents prove that Saudi Arabia provided assistance to the terrorists of 9/11.  15 of the 19 terrorists involved in 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia!

Our government has known for decades that Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorists all over the world.

Why do our Presidents call Saudi Arabia “an ally” when on February 2015 King Salman of Saudi Arabia gave Dr. Zakir Naik their highest honor when Naik has repeatedly stated that the Muslim religion is superior to other religions and that apostates who propagate other religions should be killed! Naik received a gold medal and $ 200,000.00 for spreading hatred of most of the world. In 2010 Naik was denied entry into Canada and Britain because of his inflammatory remarks about other religions.

So why are our recent Presidents flying to Saudi Arabia and shaking hands with these murderers? And why is President Obama threatening to veto a bill that will allow the families of people who lost members of their families to sue Saudi Arabia for the deliberate killing of their family members?

And why did Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, remove a very important restriction on sales of major weapons to Saudi Arabia? Did this have any relation to Boeing Corporation donating $ 900,000.00 to Hillary’s foundation? Did this have any relation to Saudi Arabia donating $ 10 million to Hillary’s foundation?

When 73% of the US Senate vote to continue to sell dangerous weapons and bomber planes to Saudi Arabia, there is small wonder why so many Americans have lost respect for our bribed government.

It is way past the time that American voters stop voting for the least bad candidate of one of our two bribed political parties and vote for Dr. Jill Stein, a person who supports the same goals that Bernie Sanders supported, and is the only candidate for President that we can trust.

We need a new political party that we can trust to stop our wars and use the war money to give FREE HEALTHCARE TO EVERY AMERICAN and FREE COLLEGE TO EVERY AMERICAN.

We need a new political party to take away all of the tax loopholes provided by bribed Congressmen so we can stop the rich corporations and rich individuals from hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. With the taxes of these trillions, we can afford to build a huge clean energy program that can help stop Climate Change. In addition, we can use these newly taxed trillions to pay for the $3.5 trillion backlog of maintenance of our infrastructure and to replace all of the lead pipes that are poisoning our water!

 A new party could pass a Minimum Wage that increases each year with an immediate base of $15 per hour. No phony Minimum Wage offers that contain small print that the raise from $ 7.25 will only increase by tiny increments so the corporations do not have to pay more than a few cents each year until at least 5 years is reached.

Citizens in Australia are now enjoying a MW of $17.29 an hour because their Labor Party, years ago, passed a legitimate MW that increases each year from a solid base.

We need an American Labor Party that will not only do all of  the above, but will also protect all of our workers from Outsourcing of our jobs. The NAFTA trade deal, pushed by Bill Clinton, cost us 5 million jobs, and resulted in over 60,000 factories being moved out of our country. If our present bribed Congress votes for the huge TPP job killing trade deal we will lose at least 20 million jobs!

If you readers want a Labor Party, please visit my website and learn how easy it is to build an American Labor Party, with candidates pledged to support the working families of America.

The issue of the 2016 election should be “Do you want a government of Killing, or a government of Caring?”

Howard M Greenebaum is the author of 3 books about corruption in the US government.