…and it was not Donald Trump!

International news organizations, including Reuters publicized a statement from Hillary Clinton in April, 2008, “that if she were president and Iran attacked Israel, she would obliterate Iran.” Many journalists asked Hillary if she would like to retract this statement and she refused, and instead defended it. The definition of “obliterate” is to destroy all. Iran has 78 million children and adults. The only way you can obliterate an entire nation, is to use nuclear bombs! On May 1, 2008 the government of Iran lodged a formal protest at the United Nations about Hillary’s threat.

That is not the only reckless act that Hillary Clinton has done. As Secretary of State, Hillary removed a very important restriction on arms sales to Saudi Arabia. This resulted in a $29 billion sale of bomber planes to Saudi Arabia. Today, we are witnessing Saudi Arabian bomber planes dropping thousands of bombs on defenseless citizens in the poor nation of Yemen. The Saudis hate Shiites and the majority of people in Yemen are Shiites. These daily bombings are acts of Genocide. The US military is aiding the Saudis in this slaughter. These war crimes are happening because our foreign policies are not based on caring, but are based on killing, and Hillary Clinton, as our Secretary of State, was a major party in the creation of our very flawed foreign policies.

Hillary received more money for her campaign from war profiteering defense contractors than any Republican or Democratic candidate! During the time Hillary Clinton removed the restriction on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, her foundation received a contribution of $900,000.00 from Boeing, and a contribution from the gov’t. of Saudi Arabia of $ 10 million!

Do I support Donald Trump? Hell no! But I do not support Hillary Clinton either. I believe both are much too dangerous to be our President. There is a very honest and caring candidate that is on the ballot in 48 of our states. Dr. Jill Stein is a highly principled person who would stop our wars, and use the war money to give our citizens free healthcare and free college. She shares the same goals as Bernie Sanders, and could bring peace to the world.

We still have time to learn more about Dr. Jill Stein. I hope the media will allow us to see Jill and allow her to be on the stage during the next debates. If we still have Freedom of Speech, it is time to publish this op-ed and those of others who are familiar with the background of all of the candidates for President.

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about US politics. Greenebaum won the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and won the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He was also a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.

Photo credit: WikiMedia