As a Senator, he should have known better. In 2009, Bernie tried to get a cap on the interest rates we pay on our credit cards. He could not get one Democrat or one Republican to support this extremely important protection for our people.We are now paying higher interest rates because the  Republicans and Democrats favored the credit card companies over the people.

Bribery is rampant in our government and we need to learn how to stamp it out!

Bernie should not have run for President in the Democratic Primary. The sabotage of his campaign is proof that the Democratic Party no longer represents the 99%.

Bernie not only ran for President in the wrong primary, but he ignored the need for a new third party which could have provided honest and talented candidates for the 435 seats in the House of Representatives and for the 30 open seats in the Senate. These candidates could have won many seats and could have  led the way to winning majorities of seats in our federal government.

The Gallup polls of 2013 and 2015 showed that 60% of voters favor a third party to vote for! Both major parties are losing registrations. The unaffiliated registered voters outnumber the Democrats and Republicans in many states! Poll after poll have indicated that the 99% do not trust either the Republican or Democratic party. The crowds that went to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were proof that the people want changes NOW!

It is time to ACT! We need to form a super large coalition of liberal organizations who can educate their members how an American Labor Party can attract a majority of voters. This is how citizens in other nations regained control of their government! (The Australian Labour Party created a Minimum Wage that increases every year. Today their MW is $17.29 versus our stagnant $7.25!)

Call and write to these organizations and demand that their organizations join a coalition that will work together to build an American Labor Party before the 2018 elections!

Explain that our Labor Party will stop our wars, and use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE. ( This can save every American family thousands of dollars!)

Our Labor Party can require the IRS to stop the rich from hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks.These tax dollars can pay for FREE COLLEGE for every American student.

Our Labor Party can stop the government from giving subsidies to dirty fuel companies and use this money to expand the benefits of Social Security for  our struggling retirees. ACT NOW!

It is time we changed our “Government of Killing” to a “Government of Caring”! Dropping bombs on people creates hatred. Becoming a nation of peace creates respect and security for all.

It is very easy to build a Labor Party and attract honest and talented candidates. ( The wages of Senators and members of the House of Representatives range from $ 174,000 to $ 223,500 ! Plus they receive Free health insurance, very high pensions, and numerous perks!

In 38 states, there are only 1 to 10 seats to win! In 8 states there are only  11 to 18 seats to win! This leaves 2 states with 27 seats to win! And Texas with 36 seats to win; and California with 53 seats to win! If you want to see the seats in your state, please click on the heading, ” Labor Party”.

Each state has different rules to get a political party and candidates on their ballots. Most require a certain quantity of petitions to be signed. Some states do not limit the time to get the petitions signed, and just have a deadline. Others may have a limited time to allow the petitioning. It is vital that you contact your state government and get this information now. You may want to start fundraising now to pay for the people who do the petitions depending on the time allowed and your success in getting enough volunteers doing the petitions.

The Republicans as of Jan. 5, 2017 have already begun pushing forward bills that will threaten all of the regulations that protect our air and water. The only way to stop this- is to build a Labor Party and win a majority of seats in the 2018 election! Time is of essence!

Photo Credit: WikiMedia