There are two huge threats to Mankind that are looming dangerously close to happening in the next few months!

Yesterday, December 22, 2016 US Senator Jeff Merkley expressed his grave concern over one of these threats with the words, “Donald Trump has the maturity of a five year old!” This is the only Democratic Senator who had the guts and honesty to endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

We, the public, both Republicans and Democrats, must act quickly before Trump pushes the red button by his desk which will automatically set off a nuclear war!

We, the people, must recognize that what Senator Merkley stated is a real, God forsaken danger! We must act before our planet has been destroyed by a 5 year old sick adult, who has no business being anywhere near the red button.

We must urge our Representatives from both parties to pass a law that removes the red button from the office of every President permanently! It is a real threat now with Donald Drumpf, but it could be accidentally pushed in the future by the next President. In addition, the next President could be sick, drunk, or under the power of drugs which distort his/her mind and result in the red button being pushed! No one person should ever be given the power to destroy an entire country, and possibly the whole world!

This should be the first law passed by the Congress and Senate in January. Senator Merkley is very correct. We cannot allow a President with the maturity of a five year old to have the power to destroy the world by simply pushing a red button by his/her desk!

Unfortunately, this is only the number two threat to our planet that is in the hands of this “five year old”. The number one threat is Climate Change.  Donald Trump has sold us out to the dirty fuel companies, oil, gas, and coal. He has loudly proclaimed that Climate Change does not exist. He has surrounded himself with crooks who also are guilty of denying Climate Change. Unfortunately for us, Climate Change does not give a damn whether we believe it is real or not. It has been acting out its destructive conduct all around the world, destroying farm land with severe droughts.  In parts of the world, these droughts are now killing people. Climate Change has accelerated the severity in storms and is killing people and destroying homes at enormous costs to humanity. The increases in floods has killed and destroyed more people and buildings. The huge increases in temperatures in some parts of the word is killing more people! All of this severe weather has been predicted by thousands of scientists all around the world. The only people who are denying Climate Change are crooked politicians and bribed scientists who have been bribed by the dirt fuel companies, who only care about making money and more money- and “the Hell with the people who die from Climate Change”.  It was no accident that every Republican candidate for President denied Climate Change. Trump and these crooks are a menace to the futures of our children and must be voted out of office. They are far too corrupt to be given the power to sabotage our efforts to combat Climate Change. Climate Change is here. It is getting much worse. And if we do not elect honest candidates in the future, we will witness the mass destruction of our whole world!

Since corruption is rampant in both of our major political parties, it is time to give the voters a third party whose candidates do not accept bribes from rich, crooked donors! We need an American Labor Party that protects our workers from outsourcing of our jobs, and protects our planet from Climate Change. We need to carefully select honest and talented candidates to run for the seats in our Senate and US House of Representatives. We do not have the freedom to leave this work to others. We, the people, must get involved and pay a lot more attention to the behavior of our representatives. We have far too much to lose if we do not pay attention to what is happening in Washington.

Howard M. Greenebaum is an author of 3 books about the corruption in our government. He was also the winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. He also served as a Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.