There is a solution! We have a very broken government, and it must be fixed. We can fix it if we start to work now on the only way to bring back our Democracy!

The Gallup Polls of 2013 and 2015 clearly showed that 60% of the voters favor voting for a new third party. The millions of voters that supported 74 year old Independent Senator Bernie Sanders are proof that these people did not want Hillary Clinton and her rich donors. The Democratic Party chose to sabotage Bernie’s campaign and that rotten behavior allowed Donald Trump to become President. All the polls indicated that Bernie could beat Trump by a large margin.

Time and time again, Democrats have given the Republicans their votes to enable the ruthless Republicans to win victories for their rich donors. They have sold us out, and it is time we went to work and offered the voters a new party with honest and talented candidates.

Citizens in many other nations faced their corrupt governments and acted intelligently. In the 1980s the Canadians voted out both of their major parties! In many nations, the citizens created Labour Parties that won the majority of seats in their parliaments, and then gave all of their citizens FREE HEALTHCARE!

Several years ago, the Australian Labour Party created a Minimum Wage that increases every year! Today the Australians enjoy a MW of $17.29 per hour! Our two rotten parties have refused to raise our MW of $7.25 in 9 YEARS ! That is proof that both parties represent the interests of their rich donors, and that we have no party that represents the interests of the 99%!

If we built an American Labor Party, we could stop all of our wars, that have  wasted trillions of our tax dollars – and use the war money to give our citizens FREE HEALTHCARE ! Every family would save thousands of dollars every year!

We have tried to be the world’s policeman, but it has not worked and it has not given us security, either. Our many wars have killed many people, and this has created hatred for our nation. Even, our generals have admitted that we have created many more terrorists than friends. Killing people does not make friends. Almost every domestic terror act in the USA was committed by our citizens who have had friends or relatives killed by our military in their countries.

If we closed our 1,000 military bases around the world, eliminated our nuclear weapons, and brought home all of our military – we could become a nation of peace! This decision would eliminate any reason for terrorist attacks on Americans.

Wars are great for our “defense” industry. We are the largest seller of weapons in the world! It is time we changed from being war profiteers to sellers of peace products. We should not allow our Labor Party to fund any more wars.

The number one threat to Mankind is not nuclear war, but it is Climate Change!

Climate Change is already happening all over the world. Record temperatures up to 123 degrees have killed citizens in India! Droughts around the world are causing famine and deaths. The worlds’ scientists have warned us over and over again to act faster before we will be unable to stop Climate Change! Unfortunately, the dirty fuel companies have bribed many of our current politicians, and they lie about Climate Change. Their lies are preventing the much needed giant efforts to change from dirty fuels to clean energy – FAST!

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of  Florida has proposed a bill to abolish the EPA agency entirely! President Trump has ordered the destruction of any science about Climate Change. Trump has called Climate Change a hoax!

The lies about Climate Change by our government has ruined the image of America, and is contributing toward growth of Climate Change! More and more floods by Climate Change will destroy homes and land. We must stop the bribed politicians from contributing toward the destruction of our planet. Trump has appointed the President of  an Oil company to be our Secretary of State! He has chosen other deniers of Climate Change to join his cabinet. These people cannot be trusted.

We must do everything we can to stop Trump and his bigots and liars. Our lives are at stake!

Please tell your friends to visit this website  and learn how to build a Labor Party in your state. We must recruit honest and talented candidates to win majorities of the 435 seats in Congress. The wages of over $170,000.00 plus huge perks should bring plenty of candidates! The use of war money to give our people FREE HEALTHCARE should bring plenty of votes! There are many benefits for our people by having a Labor Party representing their needs.

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about our corrupt government. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984,and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988.Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.