We all are at risk with Donald Trump sitting next to a red button or card that can set off a nuclear war between Russia and the USA!

Our military must rush in and take Trump and Bannon out of the White House – NOW!

The longer we wait – the more dangerous is the situation. Bannon believes in “destroying our world and starting over again”. He cannot be trusted anymore than Trump who is careless enough to allow Bannon near the red button/card.

Trump’s friends are dangerous. We must do everything that is needed to protect our citizens and the citizens of other nations that Trump or Bannon may hate and are planning to destroy.

If we wait, we are fools- and the destruction that is imminent may quickly get out of control – and our nation will be attacked by nuclear weapons! This tragedy can occur!

Citizens of other nations and their officials are already considering how to protect themselves from our crazy President. Nuclear weapons are unfortunately in the hands of many other nations: Pakistan, India, England, France, China, North Korea, Israel, and maybe others we do not know about.

Our President has already insulted several foreign leaders, and many people, including Mexicans, Australians, Iranians, 1.5 billion Muslims, African Americans, and females of all countries, etc.

Are we willing to gamble on Bannon and Trump being an arms’ length from the red button or card that releases our nuclear bombs on people that Bannon and Trump dislike?

That is what we are doing by not acting quickly to protect our world, not only from nuclear wars, but from Climate Change that Trump states is a “Chinese hoax!” Climate Change is accelerating much faster than scientists have predicted. We cannot afford to have a President pushing dirty fuels on us, and ignoring extremely dangerous Climate Change.

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about US politics. Winner of Democratic Nominations to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.