They are going to lock up organizers and protesters and kill the rights of dissent which are the foundation of our Democracy! The people of Arizona must not allow this attack on our Constitution to proceed.

If Arizonians do not stand up and defend their Constitutional rights, the state of Arizona will become a very dangerous state to live in. This law will crush free speech and the right to dissent. This is what happens when a dictator and his Nazi supporters crush all people who disagree with them.

This is not going to just happen in Arizona. The rich who want to control the 99% will try to pass the same law in every bribed state legislature. Corruption rules when we do nothing to stop the march of Nazis on our freedoms.

Howard M Greenebaum: Jewish and disgusted with the rich bigots who can never have enough gold. We are now under attack, and must fight back. I have written 3 books about the corruption in Washington. Now it has spread to Arizona. I hope the people of Arizona rise up and defend their Democracy.

Donald Trump and his Nazi friends must be stopped NOW! If we remain silent, our rights will be trampled on in every state that the Republicans have a majority of votes in their legislature. This is how people in other nations lost their freedoms.

Donald Trump is a bully and has conned his supporters with his many lies. Believe him and you will lose far more than you could ever imagine. Trump has invited bigots with their hate into our capitol. He is standing by while Jewish cemeteries are destroyed. He is standing by while Jewish people are receiving death threats all over our country.

Hello Adolf, I thought you were dead. Jews are a tiny minority that has been attacked by bigots for centuries. Now it is our turn in America, the home of the free and the brave. My family has been in America since before the Civil War. American Jews fought to keep our freedoms in every war. We are now under attack by our own government, who has allowed bigots to join the leadership of our federal government.

We must defend our Democracy. We must chase the bigots out of our government, and put them back in their holes. Steve Bannon should not be advising our President. In fact, Donald Trump should not be our President. He is much too unstable to be trusted with access to the Red Button/ code card that can start a nuclear war! Leaving him near the Red button is too much of a gamble that could destroy our planet. He is insane. He says that Climate Change is a “Chinese hoax.” Every young student in our country knows better. We must stand up NOW- BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Howard M Greenebaum, union member of UAW Local 1981/AFL-CIO. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984.Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 county and state Conventions in Colorado. Author of op-ed columns in