Children are most likely to be born with horrible birth defects from arsenic, lead, or mercury. They are most likely to get life threatening diseases because Trump and his stooges are now in charge of our EPA. Donald Trump just cancelled the long standing regulation that has prevented coal companies from dumping waste into our streams of water!

This is just the first of favors Trump will give to his corporate polluter friends so their profits can increase at the cost of deaths and diseases to our people.

Are you going to do anything to stop this madman from ruining our environment? Every regulation was passed because some corporation was polluting our air and water. Regulations protect our health and safety.

Yes. They affect the profits of polluters. But the non polluting corporations have managed to still have profits in the billions of dollars! The ruthless polluting corporations just want to make excessive profits, in spite of the threats to our health and safety.

Greed rules when our regulations are destroyed. Money and favors are given to crooked politicians who remove our environmental regulations. Do not believe the lies. The facts are we have a corrupt government who is catering to ruthless corporations who have no compassion toward the people who will die from allowing toxic waste to be dumped into our water!

We must impeach Donald Trump because of his attacks on our air and water. And all of the deniers of Climate Change should be thrown out of our government because they are a threat to the world’s efforts to stop Climate Change. There is a lot of bribery going on in Washington between the Climate Change deniers and the dirty fuel companies. We must stop the flow of BLOOD money that affects our efforts to stop Climate Change.

This is another reason to impeach Donald Trump. He has been quoted as saying that Climate Change is a “Chinese hoax!” Every child in school knows that that is a lie. We cannot allow a President of the United States to lie about Climate Change. Climate Change is killing people all over the world. The citizens in India had temperatures of 123 degrees last summer! This year more people will die from increasing heat. People will die from expanding droughts which destroy their means to live on farms. People will lose their homes to the increasingly heavy rains that flood and destroy their homes. Climate Change is accelerating faster than the scientists forecast. We must work faster and harder to stop the growth of Climate Change.

Next year, we must vote out every Republican as their whole party from the President down has denied that Climate Change exists. We must ask every Republican how much money they received from dirty fuel companies to lie about Climate Change. We cannot afford to have bribed officials voting against our regulations and against the needs for a giant clean energy program to replace dirty fuels.

Wake up, America! We must fight the bribery in our government and do a full house cleaning of crooked politicians in the 2018 elections. Enough lies! Restore the scientists and their leadership. Dump Trump NOW! IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!

Howard M Greenebaum is an 87 year old lifetime environmentalist. He was quoted 65 years ago as saying, “We will never get a clean environment with a dirty government.” These words are even truer today! Howard has written 3 books about the corruption in our government.