Americans Must Learn Why Donald Trump And Steve Bannon Must Be Quickly Removed From Our Capitol!

On Feb. 23, 2017 Steve Bannon spoke out to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and admitted that Donald Trump and he had deliberately appointed people to agencies so they could destroy the agencies!

Bannon described their actions as a “deconstruction of the administrative state.” In simple words, this means that these thugs would destroy the EPA so that corporations could pollute our air and water, which they would destroy the department of Education so all public schools could be privatized, that the department of labor would have no more support for those who labor, and every other agency would have their doors shut soon.

As each agency is destroyed, the needs of working families would be forgotten and our flag would become dark, and the stars dim.

Bannon has the ear of Trump, and unfortunately Trump’s promises of making “America Great” will never leave the small brain under his red cap.  Trump gave great speeches, as did Adolf Hitler. Adolf surrounded himself with nasty people, and Donald’s friends have similar traits of hatred toward anyone that is not a member of the “Master Race.” Suddenly, there are death threats toward Jews, name calling of Mexicans, bans against all people of a Muslim faith, and disrespect toward African Americans, and all women!

Trump wants more and more money spent on defense, combined with his disrespect toward leaders of foreign nations smells like he is warming up to a war that will make him a hero.

Unfortunately, Donald, the next war may not be anything like you imagine. You see Donald; we are not the only nation with nuclear weapons which can obliterate a whole nation. Did you know that the following nations have nuclear bombs too? And their leaders do not like you. Any one of these nations can obliterate every American in North America. One big nuclear bomb could end your term as President and kill every person living in the USA.

Here are a few of the nations that can destroy us:

  • Pakistan has a very large arsenal of nuclear bombs.
  • India has almost as many nuclear bombs.
  • China has plenty of nuclear bombs.
  • Russia has almost as many nuclear bombs as we do.
  • North Korea has nuclear bombs.
  • England has many nuclear bombs.
  • France has many nuclear bombs.
  • Israel has many nuclear bombs.
  • And there may be more nations who have nuclear bombs, but they have chosen to not reveal their secrets yet.

 Donald, nobody is afraid of you. If you keep on insulting others, you may end up having our nation blown off the map!

Donald, you have made some bad mistakes. You have surrounded yourself with people who are bigots. And the biggest one is Steve Bannon. You are getting some very bad advice from him, and it will backfire all over you!

If you have any sense left in your tiny brain, you better make some changes fast.

I will give you some suggestions before it is too late. Too many people are afraid of you getting us into a nuclear war. And they are not going to gamble much longer.

There is a way to solve this mess.

  1. Just kick all of your bigot friends out of your office.
  2. Fire all of your appointed leaders of agencies that they were told to destroy.
  3. Next, and do this fast – call a press conference and hand over the card with codes and the red button and announce that no one person should ever be allowed to obliterate a country’s whole population. There should be an international meeting within one month and an appeal for every nation who has nuclear bombs to sign a pledge to destroy every single bomb – and pledge to trash all dangerous weapons and all of us declare ourselves neutral and willing to settle our problems at an international court without any more wars.
  4. Drop your connection to the Republican Party and declare yourself to be an independent. Then announce that you are stopping all of our wars and will use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE.
  5. Require the IRS to stop allowing rich individuals and rich corporations to hide trillions of dollars in foreign banks. And the rich must pay penalties for their tax dodging. This tax money will be used to give every student FREE COLLEGE and forgive the 1.4 trillion dollar graduates’ debts.
  6. And you can do so much more for the 99%. Forget your corporate friends. You will have millions of better friends. Release your tax return. And try and live like the 99%. You may love it.

If you make these changes you may shake my hand. If you ignore this advice, I doubt if many Americans will shake your hand. You will be very alone with a bunch of bigots who will do a lot of bad things.

Howard M Greenebaum, union member of UAW local 1981/AFL-CIO. Author of 3 books about corruption in our Government. Winner of Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in Maryland in 1984, and winner of Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in California in 1988. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.


Photo: By Heinrich Knirr (1862-1944) –, Public Domain,