Trump and his lies have confused millions of nice people, who just need to have jobs that will pay their monthly bills.

#1 The real culprits are corporations who have bribed our so called representatives into waging wars for their own profits.

#2 In addition to war profiteering, these corporations have bribed our representatives into allowing them to hide trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks.

#3 The third dagger into our hearts by corporations is their lying that they need all of our regulations destroyed so they can make  profits.

#4 The corporations have also bribed our reps to ignore the needs for higher wages for our workers, and have bribed them to provide incentives for corporations to  outsource our jobs and move our factories out of our country!

The truths are far different than the lies we have been fed by greedy CEOs whose only goals are to get richer and richer, with no concerns about the results of their greed.

So let’s learn the truths.

#1 We are wasting our tax dollars on wars that are not making us more secure, but actually are making us far less secure. Our wars are killing thousands of people, maiming millions of people, and making permanent enemies of America by these horrible acts of violence by our military.

We should demand that our representatives stop all of our wars and use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE. This is what citizens of other nations have done, and they have far less money than we do.

#2 We must demand that our representatives stop accepting bribes and pass tough laws that require all rich individuals and rich corporations pay taxes on all of their hidden trillions in foreign banks, and pay penalties on these criminal acts of tax dodging.

We must also demand that our reps pass laws that ban all contributions to candidates for any office in our governments. This law will provide some small amount of money to fund all campaigns for public offices. We must demand that bribery cease, and a tough new law will send both bribers and persons who accept bribes, to jail.

The paying of taxes and back taxes by the rich will enable us to give every student FREE COLLEGE and also to forgive the 1.4 trillion dollars in student debts!

# 3 The number one threat to the survival of mankind is Climate Change. We must throw every liar in our governments out of public office and restore all of the regulations that protect our air and water. This includes the biggest liar, Donald Trump, who stated that “Climate Change is nothing but a Chinese hoax!” All of Trumps’ appointees who have been recruited to destroy our important agencies should also be fired.

These liars are damaging our efforts to stop Climate Change. They are receiving bribes from dirty fuel companies to lie and endanger the lives of our children. Climate Change is here NOW- causing more and more severe flooding, more droughts, and many other forms of destruction of our planet.

Time is not on our side. We must build large programs to replace dirty fuels with clean energy as FAST as we can.

And we do not have to feel sorry for our corporations. They do not need to destroy our regulations to make  profits. In fact, their profits are historically high – with regulations.

#4 America’s CEOs are the highest paid executives in the world by huge margins! They have lied and bribed our so called representatives into ignoring the needs of our people and have caused grave poverty to overcome larger and larger amounts of our population. The US Minimum Wage of $7.25 per hour has not increased in over 9 YEARS!

These over paid CEOs have destroyed our jobs, and are destroying our economy by paying such low wages that our people cannot afford to pay their monthly bills! Over half of Americans do not have $500 to pay for repairs to their cars. The number one cause for personal bankruptcy in America is high medical costs. We need FREE HEALTHCARE for our people, not private insurance which is unaffordable.

The Minimum Wage must be increased immediately, not the phony increases that require tiny increments spread out over more than 5 years! The Minimum Wage should be at least $15 per hour immediately and then must increase each year related to a national index of inflation. Every employer must be required to pay this minimum wage. No exceptions.

With Americans being paid livable wages and given FREE HEALTHCARE and FREE COLLEGE, poverty will be eliminated and young people in poor areas will be able to achieve the same dreams as those of us born in the suburbs. America will then become a nation of peace and justice for all.

We can do all of the above if we work together and recognize that we have been conned by not only Trump, but by both of our political parties who have failed us.

We need to build a new political party like citizens have done in other nations. When these citizens wanted justice, they did not try and change the personalities of bribed politicians. They built Labor Parties and voted out both of their corrupt parties. Their Labor Parties helped them secure better wages, Free Healthcare, and Free College for their children. Several years ago, the Australian Labor Party created a Minimum Wage that increased every year! Today, the Australians enjoy a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hour!

Please read my website and learn more about how we can make America a nation of peace and justice.  Tell your friends that we can do it, and to visit my website too. I am an 87 year old problem solver whose ideas make sense. WE can do it!

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about US politics. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.


Photo: Thank you David Siglin @Unsplash