There is an organization, Center for Responsive Politics that publishes the exact money that each Senator and Congress person has received from each industry. In other words, evidence of bribery. You can then understand why educated Senators and Congress persons pretend that Climate Change does not exist.

They are being bribed to lie to you.

Bribery is defined by the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (Eleventh Edition) as the following: “money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust.” This is exactly what many of our so called Representatives or Senators are doing when they lie to you, and allow the dirty fuel companies to continue to oppose efforts to stop the number one threat to our planet – Climate Change!

In 1998 former Congress person, Cecil Heftel, wrote a book entitled, End Legalized Bribery and showed a picture of Bill Clinton shaking hands with House Speaker, Newt Gingrich. Under the photo on the book cover, were the words, “They Lied.”

We now have the ammunition in black and white to stop the corruption in our government!

Our Senators and Congress persons have several recesses where they return home and schedule town halls to meet with us, the voters. I have listed the dates for these recesses.  I also believe that we must demand that our Senators and Congress persons show up for these opportunities for you to speak with your representatives. If they refuse to have town hall meetings, you should simply vote for another representative in 2018.

Here are the dates of the recesses remaining in 2017:

US Senate                                    US House of Representatives

April 10- 21                                    April 10-21

May 29-June 2                              May 8-12 and May 29- June 2

July 3-7 & July 31- Sept. 4            July 3-7 and July 31- Sept. 4

Sept. 21-22                                   Sept. 18-22

Oct. 9-13                                       Oct. 16-20

Nov. 20-24                                    Nov. 20-24

Dec 18 Adjournment                    Dec. 15 Adjournment

Before you attend these town hall meetings, you should find the exact money given to each Senator and Congress person. Here is a way to do it:

The Center for Responsive Politics has named their web site:

After you enter their home page you will see a search box. Type in the full name of the Senator or Congress person.  Do not type in “Senator or Congress person.” Just their name. Then click on the icon next to the search box.

You will now find a white background with 3 headings. Under the far right heading “Individual” will be the name of the person you are interested in. Click on their name which has blue letters.

Now you will see some black background. On the third box to the right of the photo of your interested party, click on the heading, “Industries”

You will now be seeing a list of contributions from industries to your person of interest. The left column is the total. There are two lists, one by industry and one by sector.

Over the list of industries is a box with the word, “career “in the box. By clicking on this box you can choose whether you want all of her or his contributions during her/his career or click on any 2 year period of contributions such as” 2016 , 2014, 2012, etc.

After you are finished with this person of interest, you simply can go to the next person of interest by clicking on the arrow on the top left corner of the screen.

You will quickly learn how many special interests are giving very large amounts of money to your Senators and Congress persons. This money is aimed at the recipient to vote toward the interests of the donor, not the interests of the public.

This is the wrong way to run a government.

It is built on bribery of our Senators and Congress Persons. We must stop the rampant bribery and demand that our Senators and Congress persons pass a law that bans any amount of money being given to them. Instead of soliciting money from rich individuals and rich corporations the government should provide some limited amount of money to each candidate. This is the only money that candidates will be allowed to spend on their campaigns. No candidate will be allowed to spend any of her/his personal money on their campaign. This requirement is essential, so rich people cannot outspend other candidates. Money should not influence elections. And no money should be allowed to be given to our Senators or Congress persons while they are in office, either.

No more bribery!

Another law should be passed that prohibits any organization or non-candidate to spend money in support of any candidate or in opposition of any candidate. This law should label such actions as conspiracy and penalize any person guilty of such conduct with jail time.

If our current two parties refuse to pass this clean government law, then we need to build a new political party that will pass such a law.

Citizens in other nations who had corrupt governments did not waste time trying to recycle their bribed officials. They built Labour Parties to represent their working families. The Gallup polls of 2013 and 2015 found that over 60% of the voters favored a third party. Our last election clearly showed that a majority of voters did not like either party. Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump attracted many millions of disgruntled voters. Unfortunately the corrupt Democratic Party sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign and this left only Donald Trump to vote for if you were disgusted with our government.

It is doubtful if the current two parties will pass a law that will ban contributions. The members of both parties are only interested in keeping their seats and will continue to solicit funds and cater to their rich donors.

Several years ago the Australian Labour Party created a Minimum Wage that increases every year. Today their Minimum Wage is $ 17.29 per hour while our two parties have not changed our Minimum Wage of $7.25 in over 9 YEARS!

If we had an American Labor Party, we could stop our wars and use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE. This would save every family thousands of dollars.

We could require the IRS to stop rich corporations and rich individuals from hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. The IRS could penalize these tax dodgers and make them pay the back taxes they should have paid. These recovered taxes could be used to give every student FREE COLLEGE and also the graduates of past years could have their debts cancelled, so they could become prosperous.

You can read more about fixing our government throughout my web site Bold Thoughts

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about US politics. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in1984 in Maryland, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 county and state Conventions in Colorado.

Photo: Thank you Chris Potter.