Please allow me to explain why we must build am American Labor Party.

  1. The Republican Party has exposed themselves to being a ruthless group of stooges for the rich, whose main agenda is to continue to cut taxes for the rich, and to destroy all public programs, such as public schools, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Minimum Wages.


  1. The Democratic Party showed their real self when they sabotaged the campaign of Bernie Sanders because they all were afraid that Bernie would stop the flow of money to the Party and to the entrenched members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Of the 46 Democratic Senators, as many as 35% (16 Senators) voted with Republicans to appoint Rep. Ryan Zinke as the Interior Secretary! Climate and other environmental groups stated that “Zinke is not fit to oversee the nation’s lands and natural resources.” Zinke’s views on Climate science, extraction of dirty fuels, and his views on allowing drilling for fossil fuel on federal lands clearly indicate Zinke is a friend of the dirty fuel companies.

The Democrats pretend to oppose Climate Change, but their votes expose their betrayal to our efforts to stop Climate Change!

Money is the cancer of both major parties, and it has contaminated both parties. Why else would both parties refuse to raise the Minimum Wage of $ 7.25 for over 9 YEARS! Answer: They value campaign money over the needs of our workers.

  1. I recommend that every Democratic and Republican voter visit my website and click on my op-ed entitled “WHY ARE SENATORS AND CONGRESS PERSONS DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE.” You will learn how to find how much money every Senator and Congress person has received from their rich donors. You will be amazed by how many millions of dollars have been given to every candidate by each industry.

How we can regain control of our government:

  1. The only way to stamp out corruption in our government is to build a Labor Party that recruits honest and talented candidates, and demands that our Labor Party candidates pass laws that ban all contributions to all candidates during their campaigns and during all of their years in office.

This law would ban all personal contributions too, so rich candidates could not buy their way into office.

The law would also ban all advertising for or against candidates by non candidates or organizations, and any attempts to bypass this law should have strong penalties, including jail time for any person who is guilty of conspiracy to overturn the results of US elections!

  1. Money must never again take control of our government and allow our Senators or Congresspersons to accept bribes to vote for Special Interests.

How we are wasting our tax dollars:

  1. More than half of our tax dollars are wasted by our so called “defense department”. We are dropping bombs on several nations who are not threats to our security. However, these thousands of deaths around the world by our military have created an intense hatred toward our country, and are responsible for the creation of terrorist organizations that are fighting back.

We have built over 1,000 military bases around the world!

All of these wars are not giving us more security. In fact, several of our generals have warned that our bombs are creating more enemies, as we are killing thousands of innocent people.

We are the world’s largest seller of weapons. Our defense industry is making huge profits from our killings. How many of us want to support war profiteering, by killing innocent people? That is what we are doing with our tax dollars!

How we all can benefit by voting for a Labor Party:

  1. Poll after poll has shown that the public does not support our waging wars around the world, but our government ignores the wishes of our people.

These wars are costing us trillions of dollars! If we had a Labor Party who listens to the public, we could redirect our tax dollars to spending these trillions of dollars to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE!

This would save every American family thousands of dollars!  This is what citizens in other nations did, a long time ago.

We will never get this to happen without voting for a Labor Party, instead of the war profiteering political parties that we now have.

If we stop our wars, we could become a nation of peace and this would create respect for us instead of hatred. This is the real way to achieve security for all Americans.

  1. There is another huge benefit from voting for an American Labor Party. Rich individuals and rich corporations are hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. The rich have succeeded in bribing both parties to give them tax loopholes, and to keep both parties silent; as the tax dodgers have grown richer and richer by not paying their share of taxes.

Their selfishness has caused a backlog of over 1.4 trillion dollars badly needed to maintain our infrastructure. When our people die from our old bridges collapsing, you will now know who is responsible.

When legislators talk about cutting our Social Security instead of expanding it, you will now know who is responsible.

If you vote for a Labor party the Labor Party can repeal the tax loopholes for the rich and the Labor Party can increase the funding for the IRS so they can stop the tax dodging by the rich, and make them pay their back taxes, as well as their current taxes, and eliminate their ability to hide their untaxed trillions in foreign banks.

The Labor Party then will have the money to give every American student FREE COLLEGE, and also forgive the debts of all college graduates!

This gift of FREE COLLEGE will allow poor students to advance themselves and become doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. Prosperity can then replace poverty for millions of struggling families.

  1. Prosperity can also be achieved by voting for a Labor Party which will confront one of the main causes of poverty in America. Our Minimum Wage is $ 7.25 per hour and neither political party has changed it in over 9 YEARS!

The Australian Labor Party, several years age, created a Minimum Wage that increases each year. Today Australians are enjoying a Minimum Wage of $ 17.29 per hour! That is what happens when you have a Labor Party that cares for their workers, and is more interested in the 99% than the rich 1%.

The issue in 2018 should be, “Do you want a government of Killing, or a government of Caring?”

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about US politics. Winner of the  Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.


Photo: Thank you Jesse Orrico @Unspalsh