We have a mentally sick President and a cowardly & selfish Republican Party that has betrayed us and will not protect us from a dangerous President!

Over 800 mental health professionals have warned us about the dangers of our sick President! It is way past the time to remove the Red Button and Codes that allow a US President to launch nuclear missiles against other nations!

We should never have given such power to any of our Presidents! And now we have a President who is mentally sick and could easily plunge us into a Nuclear War that could kill millions of innocent people.

Since the Republicans are not acting to protect us, we, the people, must arise and demand that Donald Trump be impeached immediately. We must form a huge demonstration around the White House and Capitol and refuse to leave until Trump is impeached. Nothing is more important than stopping a Nuclear
War! Every day we must send forth enough people that nothing can move us from acting to save us from Nuclear Disaster.

We must demonstrate in front of subways and stop transportation in our capitol. We must stop traffic. We must stop commerce. We must stop everything, and make the whole country support our Strike against Nuclear War. We must stand for as long as it takes to remove Donald Trump from our Capitol.

We must also demand that all appointments that Trump made, be repealed and all of the appointees immediately be removed from our government. Trump’s phony appointees should be fired and replaced with people who believe in science, will protect our air and water with strong regulations, respect our public schools, and are not controlled by ruthless corporations whose only agenda is to make profits over the lives of our citizens.

Every democratic government in the world is afraid of their people. Only Americans are afraid of their government. It is time we get tough and make our government afraid of our citizens. We must not allow corporations to control our government any longer. Their money has lined the pockets of our so called representatives. We are no longer represented by our government. Votes are sold every day to Special Interests whose bribes contaminate our Senate and House of Representatives.

Our government ignores the 99% who want to stop our wars. We must stop all of our wars and use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE! No more war profiteering and no more bribery from the “defense” industry!

We must create an American Labor Party like the Labor Parties in other nations that has given their citizens FREE HEALTHCARE.

We must refund the IRS and demand that they make every tax dodger pay back taxes and current taxes – and bring home the trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. We must have our Labor Party repeal all of the loopholes that have allowed rich corporations and rich individuals to bribe our representatives and shield them from paying taxes.

These billions of taxes can then be used to remove all of the student debts and also give every student FREE COLLEGE! There are now 565 American billionaires! (One billion dollars equals one thousand million dollars!) Many of these billionaires have many billions!

By granting FREE COLLEGE to all students, poor students can become engineers, doctors, and other professionals which can lift millions of families from poverty to prosperity! Yes, it is that easy.

This is what other nations’ Labor Parties did in order to give their students FREE COLLEGE.

We can also convert our poor from poverty to prosperity by raising the Minimum Wage. It has not been raised in 9 YEARS! Both Republican and Democratic parties ignored the needs of our workers.

Several years ago, the Australian Labor Party created a Minimum Wage that increases every year! Today Australians enjoy a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hour! If we have a Labor Party, we can have an immediate raise of our Minimum Wage to a Livable wage. This change can provide dignity as well as prosperity to our hard working families.

We need a Labor Party that will represent our needs. We can create a Labor Party if we want to stop the inequality that is growing worse and worse. We need to organize in every state so we can have honest and talented candidates on the ballots in every state in 2018. We must force our state legislators to change our laws so a Labor Party can easily be on the ballots. If a state legislator refuses, vote her or him out fast. Demand your legislature change laws so we can easily allow a Labor Party to win a majority of seats in the US Senate and US House of Representatives.

I suggest you read and share my website to learn more about why having a Labor Party is the solution to many problems. www.BoldThoughts.org

Once our Labor Party has a majority of seats in the Senate and House, we can pass laws that stamp out the rampant corruption we now have. We must ban all contributions for elections and after elections. Bribery is a felony crime and it is time to make our government bribe free. We must ban all bribery. Elections should be money free.

This is a big job. But all big jobs can be divided among patriots who want a government of the people and not of Special Interests. We must stand up, so our children can have a “government of Caring instead of our current government of Killing”.  Wars kill. Peaceful governments care.

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about corruption in the US government. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado.

Photo Thank You Vlad Tchompalov at Unsplash