This FREE HEALTHCARE would include additional benefits that are not available now in our for- profit insurance. Every family would save thousands of dollars each year, and enjoy better health with better coverage.

We will never get this with our current two political parties. Both Republican and Democratic parties  do not want to lose the millions of dollars that they now receive from Special Interests who are making billions of dollars by war profiteering. We are also the largest seller of weapons in the world!

Our supplying weapons of death and using these weapons to kill thousands of innocent people around the world is NOT making us more secure. In fact, some of our generals have admitted that we are making more enemies by our bombing of cities around the world.

Every poll has found that the American people do not want us to continue to wage wars around the world. But both political parties ignore us and continue the killings. Bribery rules in our capitol.

It is up to us to realize that we can only stop these wars if we build an American Labor Party that will take the 60% of our taxes that have been wasted by killing people – and use these trillions of dollars to give us FREE HEALTHCARE.

In simple words “we must change our government of Killing into a government of Caring.”  Citizens of other nations did this very thing many years ago. Meanwhile, we Americans have not paid attention to what our government has been doing.

Who would have guessed that we have built over 1,000 military bases around the world on the soil of foreign nations? These efforts of dominance have not worked. In fact they have caused the growth of terrorist organizations around the world with bombings in many cities by terrorists.

We must do what other citizens have done, and build an American Labor Party that will stop our wars and convert us into a nation of peace.

 We must stop our violence, and destroy all of our nuclear weapons. We must never again consider the using or making of weapons that can kill millions of innocent people. Nuclear weapons can obliterate an entire nation. Since many other nations have nuclear weapons, we could also be obliterated by some American President, like Trump, whose harsh words could encourage a barrage of nuclear missiles launched at our country!

The amount of nuclear weapons in the world is far more than anyone can count. Russia has more than us, and Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, England, and France have enough to obliterate every American! Those are facts that must be considered when we blindly allow our President to have the power to launch our missiles of mass destruction in the short time of 3 to 6 minutes! This is insane! We must never give any one person the authority to kill millions of people.

We now have read that over 800 mental health professionals have stated that Donald Trump is mentally sick. This is a very dangerous situation, as he has the authority to launch nuclear missiles without any safety measures to slow him down.

We must remedy that situation at once. And we must also get to work immediately building an American Labor Party that will stop our wars, destroy our nuclear weapons, and hope that other nations follow our example. Nuclear weapons must be destroyed by all nations before they destroy us. No nation should be allowed to dominate others, including the USA.

The reason for building a Labor Party is simple. Many nations have Labor Parties and adding ours would grant us solidarity. We can learn from others. The great majority of our population are workers. American workers work longer hours than most other nations, receive less wages and less vacation time, also.

Our Minimum Wage of $7.25 has not been changed by either party in 9 years! The Australian Labor Party, years ago, created a Minimum Wage that increases every year. Today Australians enjoy a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hour! And their economy prospered – as more people had money to spend.

The selfish behavior of American CEOs is backfiring. Their outsourcing of our jobs and poor wages has reduced the ability of our citizens to buy, and the majority are having trouble paying their mortgages. A study found that half of our citizens do not have $500 to pay for a repair to their cars!

I am an 87 year old writer who cannot fix this mess by myself. You, the reader, must get your friends together and organize so you can get Labor Party candidates on the ballots of every ballot in every state. You should invite your friends to visit my website so they can read my many op-eds and learn how we can turn poverty into prosperity.

Howard M Greenebaum, author of 3 books about the corruption in our government. Winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and winner of the Democratic Nomination to the US Congress in 1988 in California. Delegate for Obama in the 2008 Democratic county and state Conventions in Colorado. Union member of UAW Local 1981/ AFL-CIO (this is the National Writers Union, NWU)

Photo: By Katie from Utah, USA (the rescue  Uploaded by xnatedawgx) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons