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Meet Howard Greenebaum

Howard M. GreenebaumBold Thoughts.org was founded by Howard Greenebaum, who won the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in 1984 in Maryland, and lost to the Republican incumbent in the General Election. In 1985 Howard moved to California and once more became active in environmental activism. He persuaded the San Diego City Council to vote 8-1 to drop their waiver to the Clean Water Act, and modernize their huge centralized sewerage system.

In 1988 he won the Democratic nomination to the US Congress in California, and lost to the Republican incumbent in the General Election. Only 6 of the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives were lost by incumbents in that election! The challengers from both parties met in St. Louis and held large meetings with the Media over this serious lack of turnover. Howard had an opportunity to speak there, and afterwards was encouraged to write a book about the broken US electoral system.

He wrote the book, ” Free Elections ???” and it was published in 1990. He hired a driver and they drove 13,000 miles in 68 days, while Howard lectured at universities around the country, and he also appeared at many book signings. He was the guest on 210 radio talk shows where he discussed the needs for campaign finance reform.

For over 50 years Howard was involved in international commerce as an importer of diamonds and an exporter of a security system that he invented and earned a US patent on. His business trips took him all around the world, including India, Israel, Africa, and Europe. He became very knowledgeable about world economies and international financial transactions. He is an expert on currency exchange.

In 2008 Howard was a delegate for Barack Obama in the Colorado county and state conventions. By 2010, Howard had lost all confidence in Obama because he had broken so many campaign promises and continued to capitulate to the Republicans. Howard forecast that the US government under the weak non-leadership of Obama was heading into big trouble economically and politically. He forecast that the Republicans would win big in the November 2010 elections, because so many supporters of Obama were angry and felt betrayed.

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