Labor Party

Why do we need a Labor Party?

Why do we need a Labor PartyBecause the Republicans and Democrats have abandoned us, and are catering to rich donors, who profit from wars and profit from selling dirty fuels that are causing Climate Change!

Our so called representatives are accepting millions of dollars from pharmaceutical manufacturers so these companies can raise their prices so high that only the rich can afford to buy  medicines.

We need to stamp out the Corruption in our government, by making a complete house cleaning of  these crooked politicians, and replace them with honest and talented Labor Party candidates.

If we elect Labor Party candidates, they will stop all of our wars and use the war money to give every American FREE HEALTHCARE. (This would save every American family thousands of dollars!) We cannot afford to wage wars and help our people, too. These wars are not making us safer. Terrorists are bombing cities all over the world! We are dropping bombs on many nations and these killings are creating more and more hatred toward us. The only way to achieve  real security is to stop the killings and become a nation of peace.

Our young people are facing sad futures as rich corporations are outsourcing millions of jobs and thousands of factories. A Labor Party would stop the outsourcing of jobs and begin rebuilding our industries.

A Labor Party would require the IRS to stop the rich corporations and rich individuals from hiding trillions of untaxed dollars in foreign banks. By forcing the rich to pay their taxes, we could then afford to forgive the trillion dollar debt of our students, and also give FREE COLLEGE to every American student.

It is much easier to build a Labor Party than one can imagine.The way to do a big task- is to divide the work into small tasks, performed by many people.

There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives that are open every 2 years! Below are the number of seats your state has waiting for Labor party candidates to win and help regain control of our broken government.

Oklahoma – 5 seats      Arkansas  – 4 seats          Kansas – 4 seats

Nebraska – 3 seats       Idaho        – 2 seats          Alaska  – 1 seat

Montana  –  1 seat        N. Dakota  – 1 seat         S. Dakota – 1 seat

Wyoming – 1 seat         Alabama    – 7 seats        Kentucky- 6 seats

Lousiana – 6 seats       Indiana      – 9 seats     Tennessee – 9 seats

Ohio       – 16 seats      Missouri     – 8 seats    Mississippi – 4 seats

Utah       – 4 seats       Virginia      -11seats  Pennsylvania -18 seats

S.Carolina- 6 seats   N.Carolina  – 13 seats            Texas  – 36 seats

W.Virginia- 3 seats      Georgia    – 14 seats      Michigan  – 14 seats

Florida     – 27 seats   Wisconsin  – 8 seats       Colorado   – 7 seats

Iowa         – 4 seats        Maine     – 1 seat         Nevada      – 4 seats

New Jersey-12 seats   Arizona    – 9 seats     Washington  -10 seats

Minnesota -8 seats    New Mexico – 3 seats     ILLinois     – 17 seats

California- 53 seats   New York     – 27 seats      Oregon    – 5 seats

Maryland –  8 seats    Delaware     – 1 seat         Vermont   – 1 seat

Hawaii     –  2 seats  N. Hampshire – 2 seats   Rhode Island-2 seats

Connecticut-5 seats  Massachusetts-9 seats

As you see, most states have only a handful of seats to fill. In addition to these seats in the House of Representatives, every  state has 2 Senators in the US Senate. One third of the Senate has open seats that should be filled with Labor Party candidates.
We must form large coalitions of liberal organizations and start NOW to educate our people of how we can stop Trump by winning a majority of seats in Congress in 2018. We need to organize and get the Labor Party on the ballots in every state NOW. With a majority of seats won, we can refuse to fund wars and, instead, direct the war money to help struggling American working families!

Several years ago, the Australian Labour Party created a Minimum Wage that increases every year. Today Australian workers have a Minimum Wage of $17.29 per hour, while we have a stagnant Minimum Wage of $ 7.25 per hour. The Republicans do not believe in any kind of Minimum Wage. The Democrats pretend they do, but the small print in their talk reveals that their $12 or $15 Minimum Wage does not become real until at least 5 years from the signing of a law. So for 5 years workers only receive small increments of the far away goals. Meanwhile inflation of prices continues to grow. Houses are becoming too expensive. Rents are becoming too expensive. And the rich 1 % are becoming richer and richer. If we had a Labor Party now, we could raise the Minimum Wage immediately to at least $ 15 and put a great step upward from our current growth of poverty!

Our retirees are losing their pensions and health insurance, as ruthless corporations use all sorts of tricks to cheat their former employees. Both parties complain about the costs of Social Security, but never tire of funding for new wars, new weapons,etc. We need to get rid of these crooked politicians and protect our retirees. Social Security should be expanded, not cut. A Labor Party will protect workers and retirees. The rich do not need any cuts in their taxes. Instead they should be forced to pay their taxes, so our retirees can feel safe and live comfortably.

Our new Labor Party recognizes the true dangers of Climate Change, and will fight to stop Climate Change, by directing our tax dollars into a giant program to switch our country from dirty fuels to safe and clean sources of energy. The candidates of the new Labour Party will sign pledges to not accept money from any corporation, so they will, indeed, be a party of the people! We need to throw all of the lobbyists out of the halls of our state and federal governments. Bribery must be stopped now! This will be a top priority of our new party.
The new American Labor Party is all-inclusive and welcomes women’s rights advocates, environmentalists, senior citizens who need their social programs expanded- not cut, to students who deserve higher education without burdens of debt, and to all mothers who want a government of caring, instead of today’s government of killing.

There should be better job choices for the poor than being trained to kill. We need good job choices for all Americans. It is time we consider laying down our weapons, and begin making products that are useful instead of products that kill. America is, by far, the largest supplier of weapons in the world! Wars must never be a choice by any government. Every nation should be law abiding to an international court. Violence must never be considered. We will never be a target of terrorists again, if we adopt a peace policy that shows respect for all peoples. Drones, nuclear weapons, etc. need to be trashed. They do not provide security. They make enemies.

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