Our Goals

The Goals of BoldThoughts.org

Our GoalsWe believe that the citizens of every nation must be accurately informed about the vital issues of the day. We further believe that citizens have a serious responsibility to get themselves informed. Without this knowledge, they cannot properly influence the decision making of their government, or wisely monitor the behavior of their elected representatives. And, they certainly need this information before they vote.

With the many serious problems facing the world today, it is obvious that we cannot simply rely on our governments to provide the solutions. In fact, many of the problems have occurred because of our governments’ incompetence or corrupt behavior.

BoldThoughts.org shall provide information to citizens via our web site, and shall encourage citizens to work together towards achieving better governing of our fragile world. Citizens must learn, organize, and mobilize.

Please encourage your friends to visit our web site, so they can join you in this noble effort.

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