University and College Students

Welcome University and College Students!

This section of BoldThoughts is devoted to you because our country needs you to lead us away from the direction that our gov’t, has been heading. No matter what major you are pursuing, your future and the future of your family depends on your behavior.

The future of your family is definitely threatened by the inactivity of our citizens. The American public is the most uninformed electorate of all industrialized nations.

Our election system is rigged, so that most decisions of our so called representatives are decided by the money “donated” before the votes are cast.

Here are some examples:

Job Killing Trade Deals

President Obama has kept the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal’s negotiations SECRET for over 5 years. No Congress person, no media person, and no person of the public has been allowed to see the 5,500 pages!

A month ago our “representatives” voted to Fast Track the TPP without seeing a page of this huge deal which involves 12 nations which represent 40% of the world’s economy!

The Fast Track maneuver was invented by the Nixon Administration, and should have been ruled unconstitutional then! This blind voting should never have been allowed within the walls of a Democracy. The Fast Track means that no Congress person or Senator can make any changes in this huge power grab by our corporations. In the next 60 days or so, they will vote either Yes or No on this job killing deal.

The NAFTA trade deal resulted in over 5 million jobs being outsourced out of our country, and it only involved 3 nations. The TPP is 12 nations, and it is estimated that we will lose at least 20 million jobs! This will certainly affect your family or your job hunt when you graduate! These rotten deals actually include incentives to outsource our jobs. These jobs are at all levels, including most of the professional categories.

Climate Change Needs Government Change

Climate Change is the target of the dirty fuel companies who continue to pay people to deny that it ever exists, even though 600,000 people have died, 4.1 billion have been injured, and $1.9 trillion worth of losses have occurred, according to a report by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction!

Climate Change is growing in severity, and the money of dirty fuel companies is influencing the behavior of our bribed representatives.

US Militarism gone Berserk

Our military is responsible for the majority of air strikes in Syria, has allied itself with Saudi Arabia in the genocide bombings in Yemen, and is sending drones out to assassinate people from a list that is received by leaders who may be simply using us to remove dissidents of their corrupt governments. All of our government’s killing has not been authorized by our Congress!

Congress is violating our Constitution which requires Congress to vote on wars. Obama is using an act that was passed in 2001 to cover his acts of war. His wars are violating our Constitution. We should protect our Constitution, and vote out every person who has disregarded their oath to abide by our Constitution. Violating our Constitution should be grounds for impeachment.

The major issue of the 2016 election should be “Do you want a government of killing – or a government of caring?”

And by caring, I mean expanding Social Security for your parents and grandparents – or allowing our government, to cut the funding and even to privatize Social Security. By caring, I mean restoring funding of our public schools – for your sisters and brothers and your future children – or having all schools privatized!

By caring, I mean changing the Affordable Care Act to Medicare for all Americans! If we made this change, our families would save thousands of dollars each year because Medicare is non-profit, and will accept 100% of Americans. The Affordable Care Act is for profit and is choking the budgets of families with its continuing to raise monthly payments, requiring high deductibles that must be paid before the insurance company pays a dime, and their raising the co-insurance to as much as 50% when it used to be only 10 or 20%. The Affordable Care Act has left 32 million Americans without any health insurance, too. On Jan.1, 2016 the ACA will penalize anyone who does not buy it by taking 2.5% of his/her income! In 2018 people who have better benefits in their plans will be forced to pay a tax on their benefits!

We Need a Labor Party!

University and College Students So we all have work to do before the 2016 election. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who supports expanding Medicare for all Americans. If he is elected President, he will be facing a bribed Congress, unless you guys get busy and build a new Labor Party and recruit candidates who will vote for a government, of caring. That is what many nations did when they wanted to get a government of caring. The Sept. 25, 2015 Gallup Poll found that 60% of voters favor having a third party to vote for.

Voter registrations indicate clearly that the voters hate both parties. The 2014 election had the lowest turnout since 1942 when we were waging WWII. The voters stayed home because they had no party that they liked.

In many states now, the unaffiliated outnumber either political party in voter registrations. The unaffiliated voter registrations nationally are now over 38%, and in some states are growing by 25% in one year!

It is obvious that we need a new political party that will represent the 99% who are now being totally ignored by our bribed Congress.

I suggest you students lead our country out of the mess we are in by building a Labor Party that can win the seats in Congress, so Bernie Sanders can get bills passed that favor FREE COLLEGE, MEDICARE FOR ALL AMERICANS, and raise the Minimum Wage to at least $15 per hour.

University and College StudentsIf we force the rich to pay back taxes on the trillions of dollars hidden in foreign banks, and stop the wars, and use the war money to fund Medicare, Social Security, and give FREE COLLEGE, we will have prosperity for all Americans!

If you start quickly, you can succeed, but time is of the essence. Each state has different regulations regarding elections. There will be all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 34 seats in the Senate available to the winners. Recruiting candidates will be easy, as the wages, benefits, and perks for each of these seats totals almost $200,000 per year, and they will also get very rich pensions when they leave office. We need new, honest, and talented candidates. They will jump at the opportunity to win such rich wages and to be able to fix our broken government.

I suggest you visit the section of my web site titled “Labor Party”, and you will see how we can keep our Labor Party candidates honest and loyal to our goals.

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